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MiniChopper4MeNovember 3, 2013

My rooftop lacks the convenience of a water source. As a result, I put together a watering system which I can finally say is working and completely adjustable.

Here's what I have growing up there and the size container its in:
5 tomato plants in 5 gallon plastic terra cotta colored pots
3 sweet pepper and 1 habanero in 4 gallon "cast stone" pots
Nam Doc Mai Mango, Lychee, Meyer Lemon and Sugar Apple in 7 gallon terra cotta pots

The watering system is a 55 gallon drum with a 550gph submersible pump dunked inside controlled by an outdoor digital programmable timer. It pushes out water to the plants via 1/2" plastic tubing with 1/4" tubing and drippers completing the last couple of inches to each plant/tree. I'm using the adjustable drippers which allow me to compensate for container size, pressure differentials and the water demands of each plant/tree.

Right now temperatures are getting more tolerable, not spiking to the mid 90's like during the summertime. I was thinking of setting the timer to water Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, at 8 in the morning for 7 minutes. Would anyone care to make any recommendations based on my locale/plants/system?

Thanks in advance,

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Another picture

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One more

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Please ignore the 1/4" tubing and non-adjustable drippers in the photos. I've since swapped all that out with the earlier described tubing and drippers


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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I have read a reply to a similar question in another thread.
Because of the nature of the container potting mix , with considerable portion consisting of pine bark, (if that's what you are using) even excess watering is not going to cause a major problem. But since, generally, plants uptake much less moisture in colder environment, you'll need to water them with less water and less frequently.

However, when it comes to the specifics of your watering system, I cannot make any valuable contribution. I don't know how much water (in gallons ) each plant each time is getting. Also the amount of direct sun, air temperatures , relative humidity, rainfall all are factors.

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What I'm trying to guess how often to set the drippers to go of: does Tue Thu Sat Sun sound like a good plan? The tomatoes can drink up water even twice daily, but I don't want to overwater anything either.


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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

It depend on the kind of potting mix. For example, If you use thing like MG potting soil, You wouldn't need to water a large container more than twice a week in cooler fall weather. So it depends on the water retention of the medium.

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What is the locale ?

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I'm located in Miami Beach, FL and my containers are on the 6th floor of a condo building. Salt spray has not appeared to be an issue, and while I have had some bugs, it hasn't been a huge issue thus far. Wind the last couple of weeks has taken its toll (it was gusting 35mph up there for a few days), but the growing has continued.

I've had the timer set to every other day for 5 minutes, and its been working out great for the tomatoes in general (no more cracking on the tomatoes in regular store bought potting soil) and the 5-1-1 tomatoes and peppers continue to produce well.

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Updated pics

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Another one

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Incidentally, I recommended Foliage Pro to a coworker of mine who has also taken up growing veggies (tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce) in his backyard.

The difference in growth from before using it to after is utterly amazing! He's nicknamed the product "Plant Crack"


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