how to get rid of an acre of this mess (cane weeds)

mom2fiveplantluva(7)August 7, 2012

the legnth of my hard is approx 600 ft long.... there is a "patch" of this still that started about 600ft long x 10ft wide ( not owned by myself or the neighbor behind me accoring to county records), actually the 10 ft has frown into 20 feet now and getting worse every year....

The county wont do anything... bottom line is I need to get rid of it ( or at least get it back to the original 10 ft wide since I do like the privacy it gives during the summer months) before it invades anymore of my yard..I would love to put a retaining wall there to prevent its regrowth on my property once it is gone...


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adding picture

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Please provide a picture that well illustrates the problem you are speaking about. This photo does not.

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

Are you referring to Arundo donax? If so, you've got a battle on your hands, but you can probably keep it in check if you keep the boundary edge mowed regularly. As it grows similarly to running bambooos, a barrier needs to be at least 24 to 30" deep, and care taken to keep rhizomes from creeping over the top as well. I've done landscaping projects where the neighbor's property was over-run by it, and wasn't able to convince the clients to take preventative control. I'm willing to bet it has taken over a good portion of their yard as well, but not my problem now...

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