Newbie here- two questions not found in FAQ

pufftrinket(5MI)November 29, 2008

Maybe I didn't read closely enough, but I wouldlike to know...

1) If I post an SASBE offer on the wintersowing forum, is it appropriate to post it here, too? I have a bunch of marigold seeds I'd really like to give away. (Doesn't everyone? hee hee.)

2) I make my own paper envelopes out of seed catalog pages. There aren't standard at all, and they are kind of decorative. I like them, but I don't know if other members would. Should I use the plastic baggies instead, warn people, or just go ahead and send the way I make them?

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playintheyard(zn6 MA)

Last year I recieved a newbie pack from &
Truddi. I loved all the different ways and envies people used it was really cool.

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token28001(zone7b NC)

Both areas of the site have trades, so post them both for more exposure.

Use whatever you like. For me, I prefer plastic baggies so that I can see the seed and be sure that what's in there is what I intend to plant. So when I receive paper envies, I just make a new label with the info I want, and put them in their own plastic bag. I've gotten seeds in handmade envies and plastic. To each their own. :)

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i like both, the little hand made ones are just neat, who doesn't like a neat little handmade one?? some make those little oragami ones, and add their own flair, i think its just cute!! and i imagine its alot cheaper also! **big smile** ~Medo who likes to make trading fun :')

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We are all different: ) I hate plastic, lol. I use it for really tiny seed, but otherwise, I make my own paper pkts.
So put those seeds in whatever you like : )

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I now use both plastic and homemade. My sister and I made about 500 homemade envys/packets in Sept when she visited for a week. It was a fun thing to do at night while sitting around the table relaxing after long days of digging and planting.

Shoot, I just checked my stash of homemade envies and I can't beleive I'm almost out. Hmmm - My sister is coming home for the holidays, I better get some printing done!!!

Enjoy those seeds and happy sowing no matter how they come.


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