Seriously need help with front yard landscaping

jillb(z6 OH)August 8, 2010

Ok, this is going on 5 years already and I do not know what to do with the bed in front with the Linden tree - see photos. Also think I want to pull out the peonies in the beds with the cherry trees - love the flower but way to messy and look awful after flowering. Any suggestions for a low maintenance replacement that will keep with the feel of the yard? Front yard faces east with sun from morning until about 4-5 o'clock. Help!

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There are not many plants less demanding than peonies! They are hardy and long-lived. Their bloom time is short, but I find the leaves stay healthy and full, making a nice foil for later blooming plants. They do get powdery mildew late in the season, but that's purely aesthetic and by then it's usually time to cut them down to the ground anyway. (Watering early in the day or keeping irrigation water off the leaves does help deter PM. I have also found Serenade Garden Spray effective against many bacterial and fungal diseases - it's a beneficial bacteria, OMRI-approved, and Bayer has just come out with the same produce under the label "Natria.")

Please explain why you feel yours are "messy" and how they look "awful" after flowering.

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your maintenance work is good,but maple,juniper,bush are more easy,I add some for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: if need more designing

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