dating question ???

flwrs4everNovember 5, 2008

Did that get your attention ??? LOL

Ok, I do have a dating question BUT for seeds...LOL

When a nursery harvests seeds this fall...they mark them for 2009 season....right ??

SOOO, if this is the do YOU date your seed packs ??

I am a bit confused, as If they date them for next season...why dont we ??? What are your thoughts ??

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I just labeled a couple of packs I'm sending out and I put 2008 on them, as I collected them in 2008, and I included my name as case there are any questions from who ever might end up with them. They are being sent as bonuses, so you never know.
I sometimes put col(lected)8/2008 or whatever the month was that I collected them. That gives me an idea of when those same seed will be ready for a fresh harvest the next year.

lol...yes...good subject line...caught my eye right away.

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SusanC(9b/10a Sunset 17)

I put the month and year harvested on the packet, i.e., 11/08. If the seeds are left over from a trade, I write Trade and the year, i.e., Trade - 2008.

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lol got me lookin
i just put the year i collected them on the pk.
i think the store do that so the seeds dont look old lol. most of us know seeds are good for the next year but some new gardeners may not n look at the year n say their selling old seeds lol. really i dont know why store date them like that:)

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very good question!! i like our way, because i like the idea of knowing or the feeling of thinking i know that the year or yr/mnth they were collected. although from them seed places some of them have looked a little older than they say. now from 2 companies i have gotten my seeds from they did look really awesome!! and germinated really good. except for a few, only because i wasn't here to take care of them properly. i started making seed packets, putting
winter sow y/n
heirloom y/n
fragrant y/n
year ____
since those are the things almost everyone i trade with wants to know. LOL ~Medo

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)


what does the above mean?

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rb55(6 Indianapolis)

my guess?
p/a/b is prennial/annual/bi-annual
s/sh is sun/shade
sounds good anyway.
I like the harvest date myself.

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Lol! You sure did get me attention, and I was so ready to give advice!
I always write the year of harvest though I know at least one trader that writes the next year like commercial seed.

"i think the store do that so the seeds dont look old" Lol, no, there really are laws and reasons why there is a date.
Every state has their own set of laws. Though I think they are pretty much standard between states.
All vegetable seeds must be germination tested before sale. There is a specific percent rate that each type of seed must germinate at or it can not be sold. After the germination testing, the pkt. must be labeled for sale of the following/that year because the germination test is only good for a set amount of time.
The reason for the date is to ensure the consumer gets quality seeds. Also once the seed leaves the distributor, the seed is handled by a store or the person who bought them directly. The seed seller no longer has control of how the seeds are handled. The seeds if stored in hot humid conditions are not going to have as long a time of viability. So the date protects the seller. It also protects the consumer. Without a date, you have no clue as to how long that pkt. of seeds has been sitting around.
Also, the seeds you buy may not be from the past growing season. Certain seeds, if held properly in cool dry conditions, will have a high germination rate for some time. Of course there are a few types that must be last seasons like corn and onion. Most though last quite sometime.
Below is the PA seed regulations site. The general in fo is on the link. Once on the link if you scroll down and click on "Requirements - Vegetable Seed Labeling (PDF)" you will see the percents the seed must germinate at.
Probably more than you wanted to know, lol.

Here is a link that might be useful: PA Seed Regulations

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See, I post about dating, and I get 7 responses...faster then when I post a regular title..

thanks for all the comments...I was trying to figure out all the reasons for all the differences....I have been putting harvested and the date...or if it is a trade...the date on the pack from the trade...

I was just curious what everyones opinions were on dating ...LOL

Kym good of advice do you have ? LOL

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Probably more than you wanted to know, lol.

Yeah...that is known as TMI!...LMAO!


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Sue, for some reason..people tend to like to give me TMI !

Must be my smile..LOL

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Lol, what is TMI?

Yes, I do!
Here's a couple I tell the girls.
One is when first dating a guy, don't pay attention on how he acts towards you. Pay careful attention on how he treats others, you know, the waitress, the ticket taker, who ever. He will treat you good because he wants to get in your pants, but others he has no stake in so his true character will shown.
Which brings me to number 2. Men will try to get in your pants. A good man will be ok with a refusal, possibly even happy with it. I once overheard a man talking happily to a friend that a girl he really liked said no. He was happy to know she wasn't giving it out too easily, lol. But any normal man will still try. If a man doesn't try making a move especially after a few dates, he is either one of two things- gay or a child molester. Funny, but true. Any time a woman talks about what a gentleman he was while dating ends up divorced because he got a boyfriend.

Hey, I think I just figured out TMI! Too Much Information, right?

You want more dating tips I got 'em!

Like are you trying to attract men with out look sleezy? Buttons, men like buttons. Maybe in their minds they are unbuttoning. Anyway, sweaters with buttons going down the front, etc. attract men.

See, I've got TMI! : )

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Do you have advice for a teenager...on how to deal with the boys ...I sure could use that !! Dealing with a teenage girl, that has the boys all over the place...HEllllppp !!! ( all trying to get something)

TMI...YES, it is too much info...ha ha.

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

No dates on my packages. They're fresh.

No dates for me. Men my age aren't fresh eough.

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"No dates for me. Men my age aren't fresh eough." Lol!

Lol! Teenage girl, now that's a whole nuther ball of wax! She must be a beautiful girl. : )

She should know men have two brains, (A male friend from college once told me this.) one in their head and one in their pants. Unfortunately they cannot use them at the same time. So when the more southerly one switches on, it will cause a male to say things that are completely false(I love you, etc.) to try and get something because that is its only mission.
She should know a good man will come to his senses and not try and make her do anything she doesn't want to do. If a guy really truly likes her, she has the power. Men in love will kiss the ground woman walks on.

I hope her dad remembers to treat her like a princess. I don't mean spoil her, but to give her good praise like how smart she is or what ever she may be good at, and for them to do things alone sometimes like go to eat. I think a dad doing this is the best form of birth control.
If she thinks she's got something worth something, the less likely she'll be to give it away so easily.

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