Have I waited long enough?

debbiep_gwNovember 20, 2008

When you trade with someone and they mention on their trade page that they are slow due to a illness,how long do you think is sufficient time to wait before leaving a review.This trade goes back to Aug 26 ,27 08.Responds only occasionally to e-mails.Last e-mail a month ago said she was mailing the trade the next day and would e-mail to confirm that it was sent.I never heard from her again,nor received anything and mine was sent back when we arranged it.She only has a few reviews and they are good.By the way I have seen her posting recently.I'll try once again to e-mail her.

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Email can be weird sometimes. Every so often you see a post "looking for Jane Doe", to get somebody's attention. Either they will see it or a friend will let them know you're looking for them.

If you dont even get a response to that, Id say its ok to leave a non-accusatory "matter of fact" note on their review thread. You know, we agreed to xyz and I never received my part--please contact me.

Then if you get it, you can always go back and say it was resolved.

Just dont wait until you are steaming mad and write a bunch of junk that has to be deleted (like I did).


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Its suppose to be resolved now,hopefully.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)


I was going to say...feel free to email me if you have ?? or doubt about a trade. I 'may' know the situation...or you might give a shout out here as in Looking For so and so as others might know their whereabouts.

Sue...resident busy body

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