Vent! Lack of trade lists....

ollieroseNovember 23, 2009

I'm so frustrated with people posting for trades and they don't even have a trade list set up.

I realize that some people are new and don't have a lot, but they could at least have a want list and a little blurb in the have list. I personally didn't have a thing to offer when I first started on GW and bought commercial seeds so I could start trading. If money is an issue, then people should take a walk outside. They're bound to find something to offer.

If none of those are options, then why can't more sit quietly looking for the generous SASBE, BEAP offers on GW? It's pretty ridiculous that I have to specify "trades only" in my own posts just so I don't get a ton of emails asking for free seeds!

Sorry, I'm just in a bit of a mood today and needed to vent....I'm stepping of the soap box!


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bigred(z8 Ark.)

Make room on that soapbox for me....about always having to include "Trades Only" and that doesn't stop at a few from asking. I hate saying no but I'm finding myself saying it more and more.

I'm in the process of re-doing my list on GW since a few people have had a problem w/ having to ask me to email them my list.


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lgslgs(z6 SE ohio)

I've been on Gardenweb since 2001. In 2001 I responded to one free seeds for postage offer. (I sure wish I could remember who it was from so I could send them a years' later thank you.)

Then I had a small garden for year. In 2008 I started digging out my big "next 50 years" garden. It was still small that year but I filled it with plants that I thought would flower heavily and be easy to collect seeds from. I saved just about every seed that the flowers set that year and then in Fall 2008 did some trading and a round robin.

I had tons of common stuff. A lot of embarrassingly common stuff in fact! But I had enough seeds to make trades, participate in a round robin, and even to enclose a bonus pack or two with my trades.

Those white marigolds that folks often find in trade packs from me were my "special surprise seeds" in many trades. As a newbie seed trader I knew that marigolds seeded like weeds and I hoped the white ones, which I thought were kind of exotic, would give me something to share with the folks who already had all of the common flowers. Lots and lots and lots of something to share!

I've got a lot of patience with naive trades. And I quite enjoy when I get the chance to do an unbalanced trade with a newbie - where I can send them a gardenful of what I've got for a pinch of something that they took the time to grow, harvest, pack in a bubble envie and mail. It's fun to encourage people like that. Even cooler when they post garden photos through the summer and you see seeds you sent thriving, and then in the fall you see seed harvests from them show up on the seed exchange.

But wow, I really do NOT care for people who's one and only gardenweb post is to beg for seeds. I want to trade with people who will really plant what I send them, or who send extras from me on to others who will use them. And I absolutely despise the traders who sound like they are only trying to fill up a seed box or get freebies.

Wow - you've got me venting now. :) And how ironic that I'm posting in your "lack of trade lists" thread the only thing currently on my trade list is my rules and rants.

So the short version: Yeah. You're right. And right about the bubble mailers too!


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Well I'm even more upset than before. I got another regular envelope of seeds today. I'm dropping off seed trading for a while at least. I guess you can't trade around here without getting crushed seeds anymore.

I'll be finishing up trades I'm in the middle of though - no worries there Peggy! I'll get around to emailing you soon. I wasn't prepared for your recent email offer and I'm thinking about what will be a fair trade now.

Lynda - try not to let my bad mood bleed over to you! I'd hate to think I got you all wound up! I know how you feel about "seed collectors" too. It does seem like some people are just here to trade seeds rather than actually grow them.

I always like to put bonus packs in and don't mind sending SASBE's either (it helps me unload my excess seeds for sure!), but it's gotten pretty ridiculous!

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lgslgs(z6 SE ohio)

Well Ollierose - I'll just have to root up a nice bi-color buddleia cutting for you next spring to cheer you up. :) I'll even send it to you in a box, instead of just in a plain envie with the note "please crush me" on the side.

Wish I could help cheer you up. I've still got the seeds you sent me sitting right here on my desk and every day I peek at them and have visions of oodles of flowers. It annoys me when someone who was so generous in a trade with me ends up getting envelopes of abused seed dust.

Wishing you intact seeds and thick bubble envelopes!


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Awe, ain't you sweet Lynda! I actually would love to do a plant trade with you in the spring! That did cheer me up! Thanks honey!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Ollie, maybe after you receive your seeds from WLOMWL, you won't even be wanting or needing to trade for anything. I'll tell you, it is very seldom that I see something I need, (or can't live without) offered up in a trade post. I figure after I get my seeds from WLOMWL robin, I'll just offer up a bunch of my seeds for postage, or send a bunch of them on to Bakemom for her Newbie Project.

Another thing too about sending a bubblie and not getting one in return, is that you now have one less bubblie.

Hang tuff. I'm frantically packing seeds. I hope I end up with a nice quantity to send in. I'm aiming to get it done tonight even if I have to work clear thru the night. I harvested more seeds this eve...I don't have you down for Black Jack Sedum...might you need it to as a Spec Req?


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ya know, i agree once again, i was just (the other day) to a newbie, it always irritates me when someone postes for wanted or when they email me for something but guess what?? they have NO want list and NO have list. am i to know what in the world to send them?? or what in the world we are supposed to trade for?? geeze!! so, its now i'm to the point i tell them hey it helps if you have a want list and a have list, or tell me EXACTLY what you want, i hate pussy footing around. i didn't mind it when my kids were in school, and i had nothing to do, but now i have to do the teaching and i have alot to do, so reading their mind is not one more added thing i want to do.
i think that gw should make it where they should fill that out, if they are going to be trading then they should do that. JMO. Greedy people irritate me to no end. i've made lots of friends and enabled lots of friends. so that was cool! and some people i flat out didn't because of how they were. EWWWW!! ok, maybe ya all are really just stressed because of the holidays?? i know that the seeds are really important and people not paying attention to what you are asking is important. but try to think of this, could the holidays be adding to that? just curious? many HUGS!! you are all wonderful woman!! **big smile** ~medo

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I guess I'm one of those irritating people because I don't have any lists posted. It's just too difficult for me to keep them updated. As for wants I'm never sure what I'm looking for. It's never been a problem, at least not that I'm aware of. I agree that it's nice to be able to open a member's trade page and see what they have/want but I don't have the time to try to keep my availability list current. I'd rather not have anything posted then an outdated list. When questioned about what I have available I just ask people to let me know what they are looking for.

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ok, but Karyn, you are a wonderfully frusterating woman then!! **big grin** :') ~medo

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