Mulching with dead leaves

christyincoMay 23, 2010

Can I mulch my vegetable garden with dried leaves? I have bags of them and want to use them in the garden. This is my first garden so not sure how much and when I should put them down - just around the base of the plants, all over the garden, and do I add once all seedling are up and growing? How heavy of a layer?

Thanks! :)

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Okay - I see this conversation has happened down below on another thread, but still asking "when" I should put it down. It doesn't sound like I need to worry about shredding it, though I may run over it with a lawn mower first, then use leaves this fall to start my mulch for next spring.

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ditnc(7 NC)

It seems to me that if the leaves aren't shredded, they would prevent water from being able to penetrate underneath.

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You put it down when the seeds have turned into seedlings. Put down 2 -3 sheets of newspaper first and use the leaves to hold it down. Also make sure you protect the tender stem from water by creating a crater around it to collect the water. Shred or no shred it doesnt matter but unshredded may start to stink after a good rain. It will all get shredded eventually when you till the garden for next year anyway!

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organicislandfarmer, thanks for the info. I plan to put down newspaper for plants and cardboard between rows. And use pine needles and partially composted leaves as mulch but wasn't sure how to put it all together. I used straw only last year but didn't use enough. Hope to get some more this yr. Didn't know about the "crater". You have been most helpful.

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