Inventory lost

tod65November 23, 2010

On Monday November 9 2010 my seed entire seed inventory was lost to a fire in my office / potting shed.

I t is a personal tragedy for me, some of these seeds I have been propagating for over 20 years.

If we hade pre arranged trades scheduled and I haven't contacted you yet I am doing my best.

Trading seeds on the Garden Web is just about as much fun as growing the plants and hopefully I will be able to do it again sometime in the future.

Tod Hess

Seed-to-Seed Gardens

Here is a link that might be useful: Seed to Seed Gardens

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I'm sooooo sorry to hear about your seed loss. We haven't traded in a few years but I do remember getting some great seeds.

Please mark your calendar for after Jan 1st to shoot me an email. I'll be done with a couple large round robin swaps I'm in and then will have time to put together a package of seed packets for you.

Best of luck to you

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

tod65, We traded 2 yrs ago and you're a good trader, and I'm so sad for your loss. I don't have any of your heirlooms, but I do have some heirlooms and others you can start with. Take a look at my list and drop me an email with some requests.

Send a list -- pick 15 things. (It might be christmas til I send, but it'll get to you!)


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I have not even looked at this forum in a year, or maybe two? I think it's meaningful that I logged on today and saw your post. You have been very generous with me on more than one occasion.

I have a nice number of what I call holdbacks. Just a few seeds of everything in case there was an "emergency". A lot of my varieties came from you. I could never answer what I thought that emergency might be, but perhaps now I know. Keep in mind these seeds are beginning to age, but email me your address and I will get them in the mail to you within the week.


I am so sorry this has happened because I know how much your seed sharing means to you. Bless your heart.


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mrs.b_in_wy(5a WY)


I'm so sorry for your loss! You sent me a very generous envelope of veggie seeds (Grab Bag #32) for the 2010 garden season. I tried nearly everything you sent me, but, from your original seeds, I'd be pleased to send the following back to you:

Sycamore tree
Greek Pepperchini
Burgundy Okra
Cream of Saskatchewan watermelon (2 seeds left)
Canoe Creek Colossal melon (10 seeds left)
Moon & Stars Red Flesh watermelon (5 seeds left)
Kazachka melon / from Russia
Green Ruffles basil
Golden Rain tree
Clemson Spineless okra

I imagine you have plenty of worries right now, but if you get a minute, please take a look at my "Have" list and let me know if there are other things I can send you, too.

My best,


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What a heartbreaker. I'll send you anything on my list postage free that might replace what you lost. Let me know, you've traded with me too, and I was well pleased with what you sent, and it all grew just fine. I just posted a list of my tomatoes too, trying to wintersow this year. My list doesn't have the latin names for most but maybe you can figure it out.

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I've never traded with you before but you are welcome to anything on my list. I'm sorry for your loss and let me know if I have anything that interests you. Even the stuff that I'm "OUT" of.


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Todd - I found an old thread from 2008 where you offered free seeds and nearly 100 people responded just in that one offer. Your seeds aren't gone, they've multiplied and are scattered all over the US. : )
I haven't traded with you but I wouldn't be surprised if I had something in my seedbox that originated from your garden. You're welcome to look at my list and I'll send you any that you want, no postage necessary. We had a kitchen fire in '07 and had to do some extensive remodeling throughout our home. It's stressful to say the least to deal with insurance, contractors and to try to replace everything that was lost.
Do you have a list of the seeds you lost? Please post it. I know there are many people who would enjoy giving back to you.

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HI Tod,

Please drop me a line with your addy and I will get a package out to you. I think I may have some of your seeds left:]


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Hey guys.
I appreciate your offers more than you know.
Due to my work schedual (I work for Wal*Mart and we are up to our necks with christmas freight right now) I will not be able to respond to your E-Mails until tuesday.
Once again thank you so much.

Tod Hess
Seed to Seed Gardens

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA(5)

Tod, I'm very sorry to hear of your tremendous loss. I know how much my gardens and seeds mean to me. I love to trade and it has to be so heartbreaking for you to have lost something that gives you such joy.

You're welcome to take a look at my list, and I'll be more than happy to donate whatever seeds you want. Even the things that I'm out of. I usually keep some set aside.

I know you're busy, so whenever you find the time, you can e-mail me. That is, if you're interested. If not, then that's fine too. :)


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I'm unable to pull up that link from 2008 Would you mind pulling it up and either email me the link or you send out an email to all who responded asking that they send Tod a package if they have any of his seed to give back?


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cottage_garden(Z10 CA)

Happy to share seeds with you as well. I'll check back to see the list to see if I can help rebuild your collection.


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Count me in look at my list and let know what you need..
If I can help in building up your collection.


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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

Todd, I can send you a package. Just e-mail me.


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Hi Todd,

Someone told me about this post. I can certainly help you get back on your feet. Please give me your address and let me know what seeds you need.



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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)


You can count me in as well to help rebuild your seed supply.

Here's a suggestion.

When you have a chance on Tuesday, why not take a bit of time and post the seeds you would like to replace on your seed exchange page.
That way, all of us will know exactly what you are looking for and can put aside any seeds that we have that you are looking for and send them to you.

Then all you have to do is respond to our e-mails with your mailing addy and presto, seeds will be on their way to you.

I'm betting that once you have the want list filled out, you are going to have it filled very, very quickly.

At least that will be one less worry for you and we will all be able to get you back up and running very, very quickly.


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Lisa - I was searching on Google when I found that thread. I think it is too old and has dropped off of Gardenweb. I'm going to put a link below but I don't know if it will stay on Google forever so you may want to copy it to Word or something.

Here is a link that might be useful: Old thread

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Here's another one from '08

Here is a link that might be useful: another old thread

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Nothing would make me happier than to send some happy seeds your way. Please email me your address.

All my best,


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Hi, Tod - I'd be happy to send you some seeds - please email me your address, and if you wish, include 20 or so varieties you'd like to have. LOL, I probably have them. I do have lots of tomato varieties, mostly received from other traders.

It's hard to start over, but we'll get you back up and running, anyway.

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Hi Guys & Gals.
I dont know where to start.
I lost all of my seed records and lists of trades in the fire.
They were on my computer and it is just a shell now.
I had around 800 varities of vegetable seeds.
They were mostly heirloom tomato and melon seeds.
I do appreciate the seed offers and would be happy with any seeds recieved and would be more than happy to pay postage, but please think of others first.
There are alot of other people out there that are worse off than I am.

Tod Hess

Seed to Seed Gardens
23400 Thomes Ave.
Gerber Ca.96035

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Sorry to hear you lost your computer too. I hope your insurance is helping you out. When we had our fire, I had a box of seeds about 10" by 12" that was full of bags of seeds, mostly collected and traded stuff, some commercial. The box of seeds didn't burn but was exposed to high heat and smoke. I didn't try to claim them on insurance but should have. At the time I thought the seeds would be ok. I had a replacement policy so I think they would have let me claim them (but possibly would have wonderded why I had so many seeds lol) If you claim something, you are required to throw it away and that's hard to do sometimes if it's something sentimental or not easy to replace.

It's been 3+ years since our fire and I have accumulated PLENTY of seeds again. It doesn't take long when you're trading.

Here's a list I found on Google that you posted on Seed to Seed exchange in Jan 2008. I'm sure you had many more that aren't listed here but maybe it will help.

TO - 001 Beefsteak
TO - 002 Pink Brandywine
TO - 006 Principe Borghese
TO - 007 Yellow Brandywine
TO - 013 Ox heart
TO - 014 Silvery Fir Tree
TO - 015 Red Zebra
TO - 016 Green Zebra (green/yellow)
TO - 017 Green Giant
TO - 018 Aunt Ruby's German Green
TO - 021 Manyel
TO - 023 Garden Peach (fuzzy)
TO - 024 Pineapple (yellow/orange)
TO - 028 Old Ivory Egg
TO - 030 Black From Tula
TO - 031 Japanese Black Trifle
TO - 032 Nyagous
TO - 037 Matt's Wild Cherry
TO - 039 Golden Jubilee
TO - 041 Tigrovy
TO - 042 Australian Heart
TO - 056 Yoder's German Yellow
TO - 060 Aunt Ruby's German Grape
TO - 063 Black Zebra (black/brown)
TO - 067 Elberta Peach
TO - 069 Apielson Orange
TO - 070 Mashenka Pink
TO - 079 Burgundy Traveler
TO - 087 Thai Pink Egg
TO - 089 Stripped Roman
TO - 090 Hess
TO - 092 Super Snow White
TO - 093 Persimmon

CA - 01 Jenny Lind
CA - 02 Canoe Creek Colossal
CA - 03 Keeper
CA - 05 Amish
CA - 06 Honey Rock
CA - 07 Ananas
CA - 08 Collective Farm Woman
CA - 09 Swan Lake
CA - 11 Little Sweetie
CA - 12 Minnesota Midget

MU - 01 Painted / Santa Clause
MU - 02 Golden Beauty Casaba
MU - 03 Crenshaw
MU - 04 Tigger
MU - 05 Golden Gopher
MU - 06 Honeydew - Orange Flesh
MU - 07 Honeydew - Tam Dew
MU - 08 Noir Des Carmes
MU - 09 Piel Del Sapo
MU - 10 Tenderal Verde Tardif
MU - 11 Haogen
MU - 12 Charentas
MU - 14 Gallia
MU - 15 Mayon

ME - 01 Kazackha
ME - 02 Juan Canary
ME - 03 Korean Melon
ME - 06 Navajo
ME - 07 Pridnestrovskya
ME - 10 Titovka
ME - 12 Zolotistaya
ME - 13 Israeli
ME - 14 Plum Granny
ME - 16 Paradise
ME - 17 Asian Melon

WA - 01 Cream Of Saskatchewan
WA - 02 Georgia Rattlesnake
WA - 03 Crimson Sweet
WA - 05 Moon And Stars (red)
WA - 06 Orangeglo
WA - 07 Royal Golden
WA - 08 Tender sweet Orange
WA - 10 Sweet Siberian
WA - 11 Yellow Crimson
WA - 12 Jubilee
WA - 13 Moon And Stars (yellow)

SQS - 06 La Estella
SQS - 07 Orange Magic
SQS - 09 Round Zucchini
SQS - 12 Golden Zucchini
SQW - 01 Acorn
SQW - 02 Golden Hubbard
SQW - 03 Kobocha
SQW - 05 White Acorn Squash
SQW - 06 Ukrainian Sweet Potato
SQW - 07 Delicata
SQW - 12 Butternut

PE - 08 Anaheim

CU - 02 Stripped Armenian
CU - 04 Lemon
CU - 05 Tortarelo

OK - 01 Clemson Spineless
OK - 02 Red Burgundy

AR - 01 Green Globe
KI - 01 Kiwi
KO - 01 Kohlrabi
BE - 01 Black eye



Pole Beans...any
Brussels Sprouts...any
Corn (Sweet)...any
Garlic...any (Especially Elephant)
Lettuce..any head lettuce
Chinese Cabbage...any
Melons...anything that is not on my list.
Okra ..anything but Clemson Spineless Or Burgandy
Peas..any pole bush type please
Peppers...any, sweet or hot
Radishes... any mild type
Squash...any summer type
Squash...acorn, Butternut, Spaghetti
Tomatoes...anything not on my list
Watermelon...anything noy on my list


Morning Glorys...ANY

Hardy Kiwi Seeds.

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lois(PA Zone 6)

Hi todd,

I have mostly flowers and it's not very much, but if there is anything on my trade list that you want, please let me know.

Lois in PA

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Morning Tod,

I took the liberty of adding you to the secret santa seed swap, I hope you don't mind.

Please watch your mailbox as this is a holiday gift swap where others send cards and seeds as a gift...


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slo_garden(9 CA Coast)


I took advantage of one of your generous seed offers in the past. I can't remember what all I got from you, but I will definitely send you back anything on the have and want lists posted above that I have. I'll get that in the mail as soon as I can.

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kathy645(4 VT)

Last year you sent me "Grag Bag #11." I am happy to send back most of the melon seeds which I did not grow. (I have zone 4 phobias and a small garden.)I can also include some tomato varieties that I have received from other sources and that have too long a growing season for my area. It was so kind of you to offer the sasbe last year and I so appreciate your generosity.

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Mr Hess~Just wanted to let you know that there's a package on its way to you. Hope it helps.

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

Tod -

I'll search my inventory for melon seeds that I have received from you. I'll send a package after the New Year.


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I would be happy to send you some seeds. You have always been very generous with your seed offers. I would love to give back at a time when you are in need.

I have a new house and went a little crazy with the heirlooms, so I will put together a nice package for you. Please e-mail your address.


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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Tod, I'm pretty sure we traded, and you sent me some lettuce seeds at some point.
I'd be happy to send you anything you need that I have. I have a lot of heirlooms. When you get things sorted out with work, the holidays and things people have sent you, let me know if you have any "holes" I can try and fill them for you!

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