Spam emails? From Members?

christinmk z5b eastern WANovember 19, 2011

Okay, this seems to be my 'go-to' forum for all my non-gardening questions, lol! You guys are always so helpful and informative that I was hoping you could help me with this...

The past few months I have been getting emails from people I have traded with before, members of Gardenweb. They are spam emails with a link to some strange sites (Canadian drugs, one all in Chinese, lol!). Some of them get caught in the email spam blocker, so I don't always see them.

Anyway, I keep on getting them. Mostly from two people, but at times others. I know that they are nice people and arn't spamming me on purpose. Although one of them was rather a 'pushy' trader I can't even imagine them spamming me.

Have their accounts been hacked into?? What should I do about it? Should I try emailing them? I have a list on my computer of emails of everyone I have traded with, so can shoot them a message directly instead of going thru GW mail. Or would it be better to go thru GW mail?

And just because I am curious, is somebody hacking into email accounts from GW? Should I notify GW? It is a little scary to think of someone hacking into my account. Any preventative measures to make sure this doesn't happen to me?

Thanks for any advice you can give!


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You should just mail them directly and tell them to change their password. That should solve all of the problems.
As far as hacking GW, I doubt it. How most people phishing for passwords is by making a site that looks just like a site you intend to go to. So, you may type I the address bar:, simply an extra o. It could look just like regular yahoo, but when YouTube your user name and password in, they collect it and then sell it off to illegal pharmacies so that they can I turn spam other users.

Sometimes it is even simpler to steal your username and password. Say for example you see an advertisement for a free computer or car or whatever and you click on it, or perhaps a contest for the advertised item. It may even be a complete an offer and get this prize type of situation. Anyway, no matter they way, they make you create an account on their website. So you create your username, a password, all your info etc. Well, research has proven that most people use the same username and password for almost all of their accounts, so if they have one, the. Chances are, they can figure them all out.

Best thing to do is to make sure your password is difficult, at least 1 captitol letter and a number. Also, always check your address bar to make sure you typed correctly, or better yet, always use google to get to an address, as google won't let you go to a known spamming site. And the biggest thing you can do to protect your accounts and computers.....never click on attachments in a forwarded email. As a matter of fact, don't even open them..they may look innocent, but trust me, they are installing spyware I the background while you watch yet another video of a baby laughing or are looking at pictures, or what have you.

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

Thank you for the info rqeversole!

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There's been a lot of this going on lately. At least 3 of us on the brug forum have had issues. I've gotten IM's and emails containing just a link from addresses I know but also know they wouldn't be sending them. As long as you don't open any links you should be ok. Somehow the hackers are stealing all the addresses in your address book and some people have had their entire address book erased. I just changed my password like the previous member recommended.

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i would do like they said, hubs had been "sending" me email like that, i thought he was doing it on purpose LOL but when i told him about it and told him who all he sent it to, he freaked! he didn't know he had been sending them out. he changed his password but they kept coming, finally he took all of his contacts out of the contact list so they could not do that anymore. it has been a real mess! LOL he did that with the one you were talking about and one that was for a business start up thing. i hpe none of them came from me,

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