I had a fantastic year because of all of YOU!

joytosew(5MO)November 2, 2008

October 31st brought the end of a gardening season and as I was cleaning my beds, pulling the last fruits, composting, fertilizing and eventually covering with straw; my thoughts went back to the reason I started gardening again. After having the car accident and then being ill for so long, it was time to do something that would make me feel better and decided to put a little green in my house for the winter to come.

Last year at this time, winter sowing was just about to start and I had very old seeds and only a vague memory as to how to winter sow. I turned to the gardenweb and started to read past posts. Eventually I went to the seed exchange list where so many of you wonderful people were sending seeds for a simple paid envelope. I would not have had coneflowers, columbine, soapwart, poppies, and a huge variety of colorful flowers and wonderful vegetables if it hadnÂt been for Jim, bakemom, kim and a few others. I so very much appreciate the seeds I received and WOW the results of a wonderful garden!

While I worked on my beds I talked all this out with God and it reminded me of something he said about clothing the flowers and housing the birds and how much more he loves and cares for us. So even though I thought it was my idea to start gardening again I know in truth it was GodÂs idea and he gave me the choice to run with it. With GodÂs nudge and your seeds I was able to run and make a big difference in my daily life. With this years end I am happier and much much healthier then my family or myself ever expected I would be.

So thank you, to all of the wonderful people that spend all the hours you do answering questions, providing information and collecting seeds to send to those just for the asking.

The things you do are just so incredible in my eyes = -)

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)


It sounds like you had a wonderful 'year' back at gardening. It sounds like you had great success at picking up Winter Sowing, right where you left off.

The rewards of gardening are so many besides it being is so therapeutic, being out in the fresh air and getting some good exercise. Thanks for sharing your wonderful gardening season with us.

So, are you gearing up now for the Winter Solstice 2008?


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Joy you are just a wonderful person!! and to share that with us is even more wonderful!! thank you so much!! i am waiting for the winter sowing of this year again. are you joining the secret santa round robin? it sounds pretty cool!! you will be able to winter sow these seeds. :') ~Medo

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