Hi Ya'll, newbie here

akup_a(7)November 25, 2008

I spend most of my time over at the garden junk forum. Today I spied this site and thought how great is this! I'm still learning all the do's & don't's, the special instructions, etc. It'll take me awhile to absorb it all, but, I would love to join in. Do you have room for another Texan?


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi Sure! Hi Vickie,

I posted a reply to you after you posted to the Special Instructions thread. Here is my reply so you won't have to go run it down....or maybe you did see it, since you ended up here on the Conversation side.

Welcome Vickie!

Sure you can join the fun! Until you have something listed to trade, just check out some of the generous offers that say SASE, SASBE, Newbie, Newbs, FREE, BEAP Though you are not a GW newbie, just mention that you are need to the Seed Exchange.

These are all seeds offers sent with you providing a bubble envy, return postage, and whatever else is asked by the offering member....ie, return address label, GW name, list, whatever...

Here is an explanation of what might be needed. sase-sasbe is NOT a self addressed envelope

There are some FAQ for the forum, but they don't address a lot of things. Hopefully the FAQ will get redone and be more complete, sometime this winter.

Once you get some seeds in hand, or even before, you should check out The Winter Sowing Forum It is getting about time to sow many things.

Have Fun!

Sue...resident busy body

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hi Vickie! welcome to seed trading its fun!

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Hi Vickie and welcome! Emailing you.

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