Do you ever check newbies seed want lists

Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)November 18, 2006

Often Newbies will state here or there that they are starting out and answer offers for seeds for sasbe. Then do you ever go and look at their wish list, thinking you may specifically have things on their wish list to share with them, only to find they have no wish list up...even for seeds?

Just wondering if anyone else does that just to always be frustrated at finding no wish list.


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strmywthr3(Central OH z5)

yes, it's been frustrating - esp for the adopt a newbie exchange.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Yesterday, I made a post at the Winter sowing exchange board. While I know it is not near as active, I thought it would get a near immediate response, but as it was it took about 5 hours for a Newbie with a posted seed list to reply.

the thread title was WANTED: One Newbie with a 'Seeds I am lookiing for' list posted

I think I will make a similar offer here at the seed exchange, in the hope of getting a newbie, or 2 at least to maybe fill out their seeds wanted list. I don't think they really realize what they may be missing out on by not having it posted and handy for those who maybe want to share, without specifically wanting to make an sasbe offer on the board.

I'd much rather send someone their 'wants' as opposed to just sending misc seeds that they may, or may not want or ever use themselves. Of course anything not used can always be posted as having available to trade, so there is no loss there.


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Hi chemocurl! I was the newbie that had the seed want list. I have emailed you several times and I am not sure if you have gotten them. Have you? I dont know how else to check but ask you because I don't think my email's are going through. I hope they are. Happy holidays.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)


I got your email fine yesterday, and just now got it answered.

I did not send via GW, so you should have it fine.


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I posted a Thanksgiving SASBE offer on the WSing Trade page and got a few actual trade offers, but no newbies, or anyone for that matter, have taken up my offer, lol!
I did state SOME of the items are already marked SASBE. I was hoping people would understand I will include other items too. I, as you, was going to check their wish lists and send accordingly.
On another note an extremely generous trader sent me a stuffed envelope filled with all kinds of unusual heirloom tomatoes. I think I have way over 200 varieties now, lol. I'm getting a trade of a bunch of coin envelopes, so I'll let you know what the final count is, lol!

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Hi All,

Just wanted to say that I'm one of the newbies that didn't post a want list. I had no idea that some of you would be so thoughtful to check our wants page and send extra seeds to fill our wish list! I guess I was just so happy to receive seeds, any kind, to get started, that I didn't want to offend by asking. Maybe a post on the exchange forums to let other newbies know that it's helpful to fill out a wants list?
A huge thank you to all of you that have been so generous in getting us newbies started! You wouldn't believe how much fun I'm having (my family thinks I've gone crazy, obsessive, looney). Sue, Barbi, thanks to your posts, I've made the effort to set up a wants list, although it's still pretty general, and I'm trying not to be so timid in requesting seeds. I guess this is part of the learning curve. I mean I used to stress over sending sasbe correctly, how to organzie the many seeds that I've received. And I haven't even started with winter sowing!
Well, what I really wanted to say was thank you for your thoughfulness, time and generosity!


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Hi Sue,

This past summer I was a newbie. I had a wishlist page up. I did a little trading, especially for what I would call weeds....jewelweed, esp. Within 6 weeks of trading for this and that, I had nothing left on my wishlist! EVERYBODY sent extra seeds and I was so confused. I had no idea who a couple of them were (used real name, not GW name) and I couldn't figure out the trade because there were so many seeds! And I was embarrassed...I hadn't sent any bonuses. No one said "Welcome to GW" -- they were mostly "Enjoy" notes -- not that they weren't welcoming, I just think I would have figured it out sooner if somebody had said, "Here you're new, I had some extra stuff from your wishlist I didn't need." Well, mebbe, mebbe not. LOL. All I thought was that I hadn't sent enough seeds!

NOW I get it, but I didn't when it came time to thank people. I didn't understand they were choosing things from my wishlist...although I did wonder about a couple people who sent such really cool stuff. It didn't even occur to me that we were doing anything but trading 2 or 3 packs of seeds for 2 or 3 packs of seeds because it wasn't a SASBE offer, it was a trade.

My worst fault: I didn't always send email thank yous to let people know their trade had come or to thank them for the extra seeds...mostly because I was embarrassed. NOW I understand that seeds are easy to come by, but when I was new, it looked like dollar bills to me. I was horrified sometimes when I would send weed seeds (GW Name: Native Plants) and get back $50.00 worth of seeds! Does this make sense? I was embarrassed I couldn't, or didn't, send them extras, too.

So to those of you who sent seeds when I was BRAND new, here's a huge, "I am so sorry! I didn't get it!"


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)


That's so funny...but now you really understand why us veterans like to seed trade want lists posted. Aren't you glad you had one? We like getting the chance to surprise someone with an extra 'want' or two.

Don't feel bad for not sending extras...sometimes I do, and sometimes I don't. It just depends upon what the trader has on their wish list, what I might have in my private stash not listed, and what all they have listed as available to trade. It seems like some already have nearly everything.

I've been trading for years now, and still find it very confusing when I have numerous GW things going on. I find it hard to match and keep GW names and Real names. It was really confusing when I was sending a lot of different plants out for several postage offerings.

I have found though that if I reply to a post, and address the person in my reply, that when they email me back from the email they have rec, I will then have their name, and can find the thread I replied to.

Occasionally if I trade with a noob, I will send extras of whatever I have lots of, so they can either plant them, list them (particularly if they have a short available list), or give them away as they please.

Did that make any sense?


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I know this is an old post, but thought I'd have to say, I know I am one of them newbies as well. I joined in late oct. and still have not been able to update my exchange page. Someone had said that it is probably the (-) in my web name. I have tried and tried and have had no success. I had even emailed our police here to ask if I could change my name to kymky instead of kym-ky hoping that would do the trick. I have yet to get a response. The rules state I cannot have 2 names and don't want to be kicked out of the site. Do they even read emails that we send them? What should I do? Any advise would be great. Thanks. Kym "kym-ky" wanna be just "kymky" :)

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)


I am likely the one who told you that the names with dashes in them were having problems, and suggested you change your name. I know it was corrected sometime after that, at least for a while.

Yes, they read and often reply to emails, but I imagine it just depends on how backlogged they may be as to when they reply I think.

My suggestion would be to still sign up under the same name with no dash. Under the circumstances, I think it would be all right. It will require you having a second email addy though because I don't think 2 member names can have the same addy...but I could be wrong.

In the past (b4 the problem was corrected) any names with a dash in them were not highlighted as yours is there was no way to click on the name to get to the member page.

Please email me, and I will email you back tonight with more...I have to leave for the eve now. I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to update your lists...and have an idea.


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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

Sue, could we post a wanted for newbies with wish lists???
Then those that want to send seeds can check their lists. It may encourage some more to post wish lists.
I still have tons of stuff to give away and spring will be here soon.
I may try that.

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Thanks for this thread. I too am a newbee and this information has been very helpful. I will go work on my list. Before I read this discussion it felt too much like begging to have a want list and little or no trades. I want to thank all of you for your patience. It never occured to me to include the list of seeds requested in the bubble envelope. I am trying to track every thing carefully via the emails so they do not get mixed or confused. Again thanks to all. You guys are great!

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Posting as a test to see if it has the other email addy on here.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

yes...katie mouse (kym-ky)'"re gettin there

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Hello everyone. For those that know me as kym-ky, I am now kymky33. Thanks to Sue who held my hand through all of this. I sure appreciate all you have done to help me Sue. I can't thank you enough. I can finally update my exchange page. Gonna have to get to that this weekend. :) aka "katie mouse" hehehe

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Hey Kym,
You figured it out! Congrats, but now why are you yelling, lol. Sue is a great helper : )

LittleSparrow and any other newbies,
Please do post a wish list. It is not begging. It give the sender a good idea of what types of seeds to include based things you like. And sometimes I have been able to send almost every want on a wish list!
Begging to me is asking before an offer. I like to be generous, but not for a gimmie gimmie attitude. Also newbie lists that are much too specific, you know like an exact cultivar for each type of flower(for a few is fine, but each and everyone one I mean,)looks very odd and too picky.

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nature_farmer(z5b IL.)

I came to read this newbie seed thread..I always have wondered why all the goodies have to go to newbie's I'm an oldie,in both respects,but sometimes the seeds offered for newbies are something I'm looking for and am embarrassed to say I'd like to have some..because I might not have ONLY what are on people want lists..I'm just boohooing I guess.
Anyway...If I'm feeling good enough(health wise)
I always check everyones lists even if I'm doing a trade if I feel good enough to look through my I said before...I Like to send a surprise or two to everyone..if I have it and they want it..:-)

Oh Kym..I have tons of New England Asters and a few other asters if you want to e-mail me I'll send you some for postage..:-)Your want list isn't very long,or I'd offer more seeds to you,but you can look at my trade page,even if it's just a few seeds I usually will be very happy to share.

Remy is a great gal..she helped me get started with my seeds after mice destroyed them...thanks again Remy...:-)

Okay just because I feel good today..I'm better stop writting/reading these threads and get busy and start printing out addresses to get the last few sasbe's and trades out I'm running behind on..:-)

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Kym did take me up on my Thanksgiving SASBE offer, so she did get some nice seeds from me : )
My SASBE offer was for anyone, but I know what you mean about the newbie offers. When I started trading seeds, I was actually an oldie, but as far as seeds went I was a newbie. I didn't ask if I could get some, because I felt I would look like a beggar.
Things worked out though, someone who I mentioned to in passing, in an email, that I was trading because of being house bound because of multiple operations sent me a surprise pkg. filled with seeds! So I expanded my collection and had lots to keep me trading. Now, I'm just addicted!
The funny thing is that person emailed me asking for a trade just recently started off with, "Do you remember me?" LOL!

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hi I am also a newbie i did post a want list with a few things on it but just like the others i felt it was asking for to much so i tried to keep it general even though i know there is more im willing to try and would like to have. This is really addicting, lol. After resonding to a few SABE offers I felt i shouldnt ask for anymore without anything to trade. Thank you all for understanding and being so generious now we know how important the wish lists are.

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I'm a newbie and would love to have a collection to pull from. I love trying new things and think the seed exchange is great! Right now, I'm concentrating on vegetables because my husband is jumping right in there with me. He cares nothing for flowers! Also, had to order many bulbs from my son's school fundraiser and I'll be getting those in soon. We've started a few varieties of tomatoes, some swiss chard, herbs and lettuce. So exciting!

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I do check peoples lists and I see many that are blank. Many people who have been registered for years have blank pages.
I think if I have a BEAP offer this year one of my requirements will be that you have something, anything on your member page.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I think if I have a BEAP offer this year one of my requirements will be that you have something, anything on your member page.

Good idea Jim...but do you mean Member page (like what I see when i click on a member's name,) or their Trade the link on their Member Page...or both?

I was thinking of starting a thread about the most important or just nice things to get set up when using the Seed Exchange. Like...

Needed-Member Page email link...for sure
Very nice to have-One's zone and location like state abbreviation included in the zone box so it appears on one's member Page....Like I am zone 5/6 S IN and it shows on my Member Page and automatically whenever I all veterans know.
Really nice-a list of seeds one is looking for on their member Trade List, even if they are just new and responding to the many generous seeds for postage offers
Nice but not necessary...a blurb about oneself or one's garden on their Member Page

Sue...drinking too much coffee and thinking again

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newbie or oldie i check there pg. never know i may have somthin extra to toss in they want :) if they dont i toss in whatever n they can use it to swap for what they do want. or i just send the seeds they want.

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I was actually thinking of both but I'm not sure.

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Ive checked lists and did a sasbe offer before xmas. Sometimes I send extras and sometimes I dont. I almost always check the lists and any extras Is end are from their lists.

My SASBE offer went pretty well, most people did everything right even up to letting me know they got the seeds. Some of them got tons and tons of seeds.

Two people never acknowledged getting them. Even tho I asked in email and in writing in the package to let me know. Im pretty sure I havent seen them come back and post anything either.

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token28001(zone7b NC)

As a former newbie, I used to have a trade list. But most of that was filled early in the fall by lots of generous traders. Now, I've removed my wish lists. Some of my plants didn't make it through the winter. Most of my seeds have been sown. If there's something I want, I don't know about it. I'll put the lists back up in the fall when I start collecting seeds again.

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Ok, this is a stupid question, but I'm a newbie and I can't for the life of me figure out how to add some plants to my trade list. Help?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi thedancingemu!

Ok, this is a stupid question, but I'm a newbie and I can't for the life of me figure out how to add some plants to my trade list.
No stupid question, really. Don't ever hesitate to ask about anything.

Anywho...just go to the bottom of any page here and click on the Member Pages link in the green banner. Then choose Edit Your Exchange Lists, set up your lists, and lastly hit Submit.

Holler if you have any trouble. Occasionally folks have problems, but they can always be worked out.

Sue...resident busy body.

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I just got a request for free seeds from my Trade list.I repeat TRADE List! They told me they had no seeds to trade and I said "I have plenty/some to share". I just got the "want" list of what I have to trade... Everything. They Want everything on my trade list!! With no trade???
Where has it gone, common decency?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I just got a request for free seeds from my Trade list.


Are you sure the email was from a GW member? Cold emails often come from non-members, or previous members (now maybe banned). If they emailed you via GW, did you get the member name? Sometimes it shows to the receiving party and sometimes it doesn't. I don't correspond with anyone much about anything, until I find out a member name, and look at their Member Page.

I just got the "want" list of what I have to trade... "Everything"!
I kinda saw that coming. You'll learn to better word things like maybe pick 'some' or a 'few', or 'up to X number of packs' instead of leaving yourself wide open. I have heard of a few others that make outlandish requests at the expense of a sharing member's generosity.

So, assuming they provided their valid GW member name, how are you going to proceed? I think I'd be tempted to say that I really didn't have the time to do such a HUGE (I see you have 33 items listed!) Postage Offer and instead steer them to the many Seeds for Postage offers on the Forum. If they find that cold emailing works with you and they get seeds, they will likely be cold emailing others begging as well. Newbies or newer members might not realize that it isn't the 'norm, for people to be cold emailing them asking for free seeds, and they might 'cave' and send free seeds, even picking up the postage...sigh.

hmmm...maybe a thread covering 'cold emails', with no member name provided, or nothing to trade is needed...think?


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yes! i check everyone's list when making a trade to see if i may have something to send them as a "bonus" extra. but with a newbie, i see if i have somethingS to send them, if i make really good friends with them, i may send them alot of new things on thier want list. just some things. and it all depends on how much extra i have on hand too!! **big smile** ~medo

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