Downy Mildew

hind_sightMay 22, 2012

I'm in Alpharetta GA and I'm pretty sure my entire heirloom cucurbit crop has been plagued by downy mildew. The pics I've seen online of it more closely match what I see on my plants than any other disease, pest, infection, etc. I don't water overhead, but we have had a lot of early heat and pop-up thunderstorms which end up keeping the leaves wet.

Now that my plants are infected, is there anything I can do to save them? I'd like to avoid chemical fungicides if at all possible but will use them as a last resort. I sprayed the tops and bottoms of the leaves with neem oil today. Is there anything else I can do?

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Have you tried a milk-water solution?

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Lets hope that you have Powdery Mildew and not Downy Mildew. The milk water, baking soda water and copper dusts will help control Powdery Mildew. DM is a different story. It require pretty potent fungicides which are not readily available to home gardeners. Fortunately many modern varieties of cucumber, squash etc have DM resistance.

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Lost all my basil this year to downy mildew. Hope that isn't what you have.


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