Has this kind of trade become the norm?

pamcrews(6 SW Missouri)November 10, 2008

I've gotta vent and ask what is the norm for seed trades these days? I've always enjoyed the trading aspect of sharing and have always provided much more than one would purchase retail. And I never just send just one type of seed even when the trade was negotiated for one type of seed. IÂve always thrown in extras just to pass along. Of late it seems that those I have traded with provide a very very small portion of seeds and most of the time in an unbubbled envelope. Almost like its being rationed out. Has this gotten to be what seed trading has become or have I just had some bad trades? Please tell me that what I've been experiencing isnÂt' what its come to be.


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Hi Pam, it's certainly isn't the norm for me!! LOL I always look at a persons wish list to see if I have something they need and pass it along if I do. I don't like to send just anything...even if it is something like what they are wishing I will try to include it.

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same here, the trade is supposed to be 20-25 i think, that is what someone has said, i know that you don't "need" more than 15, if i get someone who is rude, i'll send them that. but if and usually i get great people who i get along with i am getting to the point now that i can give out more seeds than that 20 or so. because my pods have popped open. LOL
i think some people don't know about the whole bubble, thingi, alot of people who do know won't use them because of how much it cost to send them, and are using the bubble inside of the regular envi, at first i thought, ok, this is not so bad, but one lady did not tape the other end, some seeds wasted, another lady's seeds were taped, BUT the pressure was to much, and i have wasted seeds. so this is not working. i have to say, the bubbly's are the only way, for alot of the seeds. ~Medo

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I guess thats why people have so many rules on their trade lists!


Sorry you had a bad time, but, do this for us, K?

First, write the person and explain the problems. Maybe they will fix you up and maybe not.

If they dont, then write THEM up on the R&R so none of us get burned.

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alwaysagarden(CA 9b)

Hi Pam,
I've just been trading on the GW for the past 2 months. I've done several trades and have yet to get bad seeds or seeds that weren't properly cushioned. I did get maybe two seed traders that sent really tiny portions of seed. I just won't trade with them again, try to keep track of all your trades and how they went. The norm for me has been fair trades and gardeners that send bonus seeds. I love sending bonus seeds myself. Check out the rate and review forum and look up the gardener first and see what other traders have said regarding their personal trade with that person. This helped me in the beginning. It also helped me to learn how to be a better trader myself. I sure don't want to upset or disappoint anyone. Hope things start to go better for you Pam. God bless.

Cindy : )

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pamcrews(6 SW Missouri)

Thanks for the info from those that have posted. Believe me I get it...I've been a member of GW for years now and have plenty of trades under my belt. I have contacted those "cinchy" trades in the past and I have keep personal trade lists even before Rate and Review came online. I guess these "I'm counting my every seed traders" have become the norm. I just don't get it....it's not like they are parting with gold! Sadly, for me it's taken the joy out of the hobby. It's been fun....but stick a fork in meÂIÂm done...I'll find another avenue to fuel my gardening addiction.


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I guess I have a different thought,I would glady trade for two or three seeds of something I really want.Its best to go over the details such as amounts with your trader beforehand.I can understand the small amounts on unusual seeds though.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I had been thinking of starting a post asking what varieties might be traded in lesser quantities of 25 seeds.

I gotta admit, a couple of recent trades I made, I looked and looked at their wish list in the hopes that I might have something of interest to them in my personal stash. The members had so many really unique seeds though on both their 'have' and 'wish' lists, that I felt that anything I sent additionally would just be listed for trade, or shared as a bonus. In my haste to get my end sent, I didn't include any extras.


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Hi Pam,
I think you've just fallen into the vortex of bad luck. It seem Ginny(forgot GW name) landed in it last year! Even supposed good traders were actually stiffing her.
I do have a fairly long intro on my trade page. Not all of it is rules, but I do state how I feel about BEs. I think everyone should write something at the beginning.
I once was a newbie seed trader. I knew a lot about growing plants, saving seeds, etc. but I didn't know much about mailing them. My first experiences were with trading tomato seeds which can be safely mailed in a regular envelope. I then wrote a few flowers on my trade page. I was contacted and of course started mailing in regular envelopes. Then a BE arrived at my house and I was like "what is this?" I felt like a moron, lol. So I don't assume that since someone is an avid gardener, they must know how seed trading works.
Some plants produce seed in great abundance, and of course I am generous with them. If the seed is incredibly difficult to acquire/harvest, I will send a small amount. I do try to make sure I note that on my trade page though. Like I say 15 seed trade for Salvia Cambridge Blue because that seed is a PITA to get. (I know know why I spent so much on the original commercial seed packet.)I even have 3 seeds for Salvia Black and Blue listed because it is exceptionally rare to ever see seed. Or if it is really large seed, same thing.
I like when people make a wish list. Often for a bonus, I will send less than normal because It maybe an item that I don't have a full trade of but it is on the wish list. I find traders are very grateful to get a small trade of a want especially a hard to find item.
Like Sue if someone has an extensive list, and I really don't have anything I think the trader needs, I won't send a bonus. I try to only send bonuses geared toward the trader, not just anything to just send something. Also, I don't expect bonuses. They are nice, but not necessary.
I do hope you don't give up trading. I found in the end, I am so so way ahead of the game from wonderful trades. The generosity of most gardeners is incredible, and I have made many friends.

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plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)

I am new to trading this year and did not know all the rules at first. I always try to email that my trades may be smaller because at first they were commercial seeds that were left in the packet. I also tend to have less than 24 seeds since, quite frankly, I didn't realize that was the "norm". I give a lot away for sasbe and would rather give to more than one person if I can make 2 trades/gives instead of 1. I'll make sure to explain that to anyone I trade with in the future. Kim

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agirlsgirl(7 North Carolina)

I totally agree on the fact that if there is a small amount of seed being sent it should be listed as so and Bubble envies are a must have! :)
I also do not have a problem receiving a smaller amount of certain seeds, and when sharing a trade of something with someone, I have no choice but to send a smaller amount. I have noticed a lot of the times there are smaller amount of seeds being offered, has to do with them being commercial seed,I am fine with that. Rare, hard to collect,or trade seeds are another one I don't mind getting few of,I feel lucky to even have 5 seeds with certain ones.

I think it would be a good idea to state on your trade page that you want to know what you will be receiving as seed count,that way those who want to make you an offer will know they have to be prepared to send you a seed count along with their offer.Also mention the bubble envy,like Remy said,there are folks who don't even know they exist,so just reading your message will make them aware.:)

Please don't leave us just yet! Like Remy said,there will be many more good than bad experiences,and I am betting with this string of luck you have had,you are due for alot of good ones! ;)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts,it is good for people to mention these things,it helps all of us stay aware of how others are feeling. Maybe some of us will pick up a few things that will be helpful to all of us as a group,like maybe a few small changes to the way one person may do something, could make life easier for 15 other people. :)

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kiddo(8 Tx)

Pam, Did you get the little surprise I sent you.Kiddo


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