depth of container.

augiedog55November 13, 2011

I been looking around the site and aske a few questions and depth of container seems to be as important as wideth. My question is I was on a website yesterday it was They were growing tomatotes in a 50lb bag of their manure. The bag isn't more than 6 inches deep and they poked holes in the botton like a container for drainage and then flipped the bag over and cut 2 4inch holes in a third of the wayin on the bag and planted to tomatoes. they claim you can grow alot of tomaotes that way.. They have no depth in their method so the roots must grow sideways.. If you get a chance look at thei site and 5 min video.. I found it interesting. what do you think



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It is possible to do a LOT of things. It has been proven you can "make a silk purse out of a sows ear". Other than proving it can be done, does anything else recommend it? Al

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Just because something CAN be done, doesn't mean it works optimally, nor does it mean it should be done. CAN it be done? Sure. Why would you want to, though, if you have better options available?

For one thing, I'm not crazy about the medium choice.

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