Prilled or Powdered Gypsum

jamiedolan(4/5)November 7, 2010

> Same - the pelletized gypsum is likely the same stuff,

> only in 'prills'. They mix powder with a binder and then

> shoot it into the air from a prilling tower. The

> slurry is naturally formed into perfect little spheres

> by the air and hardens as it falls. When it gets wet

> again, prills break down into the same granule size

> it was in before prilling. It's sold 'prilled' so it

> works better in your broadcast fertilizer spreaders.

I understand your saying here that the pellets are the same

base material, but does it work properly in the mix or does

it need to be powdered to be properly distributed in the mix?



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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

The binder in the prills quickly dissolves and the prills break apart, ending up being the same product as the powdered gypsum.

If it didn't work properly, I wouldn't suggest it, or I would at least qualify whatever I said so you could know of any drawbacks in advance.


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Thanks. I guess I was just being slow on my interpretation of what you wrote and wanted to make sure I didn't mix up 10 cuft of gritty mix with the wrong stuff in it.



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