You are going to just laugh at this one from the post office

littleonefbNovember 22, 2008

OK, so here's the story first. Was waiting for an SASBE to come to me to fill up the bubblie with the "wanted seeds".

Bubblie came on 11/21/08, inside one of those clear plastic bags from the post office.

Immediately I noticed that it looked like something had been spilled on one side of the bublie and figured HMM, looks like the cofee missed the mouth and landed on the envelope.

Went to open the bag and found the following "formal printed on the post office's plastic bag.

Remember now, the envelope looked like a small amount of liquid had been spilled on the bubble mailer, but other than that, no damage at all to the envelope and I did find everything inside it was in perfect shape.



Dear Postal Customer

The enclosed was found to be either loose in the mails or damaged as a result of mechanized processing by the Postal Service.

We realize that your mail is important to you. Every employee with the Kansas City Post Office is trying to handle expeditiously and without damage, every piece of mail with which he/she is entrusted.

With local volume of about 4.5 million pieces daily, we must use mechanized and automated systems to ensure our customers receive prompt service. A malfunction of this equipment can result in a damaged piece of mail. Irregular bulky items, such as coins or paper clips, enclosed in envelopes can also cause equipment to jam, resulting in damaged mail.

We are constantly working to eliminate damage to any mail. You can help by assuring that each letter or parcel you mail is prepared and addressed properly.

We appreciate your concern and offer our apologies for any inconvenience you have experienced.


Plant manager"

Of course it doesn't explain what happened to this particular piece of mail that was stained from a liquid on the bubblie and no part of the bubblie was damaged any other way than that.

To bad they aren't as equally concerned in charging their customers the correct mailing price to start with.

Someone must have been "sipping something" while at the machines and spilled it on the bubblie.


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