Repost from Seed Saving: Do you ever admitt?

appaloosa909(6b Central NJ)November 20, 2008

I posted this is seed saving but Remy suggested posting here...

Do you ever admitt how many seeds you have?

I just finished entering all my seeds into a spreadsheet and I guess I wasn't paying attention as I was going along... (3 nights). I just sorted and put everything in alphabetical order and am SHOCKED on what line number I'm on.

People looked at me weird when I used to say I had about 100 seed packs.... phew!.. that was THEN!

Anyway, do you ever admitt how many seed packs you have? What is the reaction?


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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

Nope! Wont count them to find out I am just in denial! ;)

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hehehe No way Im counting the packs, but Ill count boxes.....not huge boxes mind you, just recycled boxes of varying sizes.

I have one box of edibles (mostly last years)

another box that nicely fits all the commercial sizeish seed packs(mostly last years)

And another box that fits the regular envy size packs(mostly last years)

and another box full of fresh 08 seeds that I snagged
and another box full of fresh 08 seeds that I snagged
And a small box full of seed packs that need to be filed in the above 2 boxes
And a smaller box where Im collecting packs for one of the big swaps.....

And a small tea box full of seeds that are absolute MUST HAVES for next year, not that any in the other boxes arent, ya know.....but, just saying....

prolly have some odd ones in my pocket, or in my backpack, and some in the car, and maybe some in DH's car, and his pocket.......

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token28001(zone7b NC)

I haven't counted. I don't intend to count until I'm planting them out either in containers this winter or direct sowing. I KNOW that I have used two packs of 200 count plastic baggies. And then some. And of course the traded envies. And the commercial seeds. And well, I have too much. Thinking about slimming it down.

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I started keeping track last year, though I've been trading for several years. I knew I had a lot, was shocked at how many... It's info I share with NO ONE, not my best friends, my husband. Let's just imagine that I have a large dining room buffet, with five big drawers (it almost touches the floor) and where there used to be table clothes and napkins, serving bowls and flatware, vases and table decorations, well... They aren't there now. If the buffet ever got wet, I think a jungle of epic proportions might sprout.


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ladycraft(6b MO)

I'm a newbie to this. I didn't have seeds to trade but have recieved 3 freebie envies and was amazed how many I had the other day when I listed them. So I totally understand how you could get a great collection. Good Job there are just some things you don't need to share with others!!

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Hi Andrea,
See I told you : )
On the original post, I said I don't tell anyone for fear of being though of as crazier than I aready am, lol.
My husband is aware of the collection. He doesn't know how much it contains, though he will tell you too many, lol.
I have a set of boxes:
Flowers collected from my garden
Flowers from other gardeners
Flowers from commercial sources
Beans and Peas
All other Veggies

So you can see I have way too many!

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Newp... don't count, won't count, refuse to acknowledge that I keep having to buy more and more stuff to keep it organized, refuse to acknowledge when DH and kids comment about my "unborn jungle" taking over cooking, eating, studying and sleeping spaces! :P

Not gonna..

Hi, I'm Kathy, an unrepentant seedaholic, and you would be? :P


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appaloosa909(6b Central NJ)

I have 2 large tupperware bread containers that are so full the seeds "pop" up when you open them..... I think kms4me and her buffet and Remys 6 boxes may trump me...

Thank God I'm not alone with the seed hoarding.....



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appaloosa909(6b Central NJ)

My name is Andrea and I to am a seedaholic and hoarder....


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My name is Kym, and I am the best at enabling...andddd I so many seeds...I had to get a book shelf to keep them all on..and then I had a friend tell me she was throwing out seeds, and i couldnt bear I have more on the way...

Yes, I am addicted..BIG TIME, and it is all Angies fault..LOL J>K....but it doesnt help to have such great enabling friends...there are many more...

Dont count them, it would take too long...just enjoy them, and know it is better then other addictions. thats my story and i am sticking to it..LOL

Kym ( the master enabler)

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angelady777 (was angelady on GW) - Zone 6(6)

Ha!!! This is so funny! I am trying to control myself, but it looks like I may be joining the ranks of those that have posted on this thread. It's like seeing into the future. LOL


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LOL i am just laughing, ok i never tell anyone, the ONLY person who knows is my son, tabor, and that's because he shares in my addiction, slightly, LOL
i have a 5 drawer wicker thingi i got from aldi's, and two of them are full of seeds, vege's, and flower's, and wild seeds, we have to go thru them once i finish up with my marriage thing. MEN!!!! LOL tabor and i are gonna go thru them and get what we wanted out of them and mix them into little packets of what we are going to plant into certain sfg boxes. and then the others we are going to mx for the flower gardens and such, and then we are going to make the packets, whats left we are going to give away. orrrr...sasbe, although after reading this, i found the one trade i had left to do!! Hey Tom!! i knew there was one person, but i lost all my email, so i'll be getting that taken care of!! i promise :') Geeze i'm surprised you didn't hollar at me!!

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

Ya'll come back when you can beat me.....I have refrigerator my hub's bought me second hand,just for my seeds,crammed "FULL",boxes,lg plastic ice cream buckets,plastic shoe boxes,1 gal. size zip lock bags(arranged by month they sew inside under light on heat mat,WS or direct sew up until May...the shelves are full,the drawers are full even the shelves on the door is full.....and I'm still trolling the seed exchange forums and cackle like a fiend when a new catalog arrives.


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angelady777 (was angelady on GW) - Zone 6(6)

Okay,.... I think you win... LOL... WoWWee! :-D


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It's not how many you have, it's what you do with them that counts ;-)

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appaloosa909(6b Central NJ)

I think a refridgerator trumps the buffet and 6 boxes... Bigred wins...

Master seed hoarder :)

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

"It's not the size that matters...."

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token28001(zone7b NC)

medontdo: I thought I was supposed to be getting something from you, but I've been busy with work the past month. I finally got all my seeds sorted according to flower/shrub/tree/veggies. Now, I need to resort them according to wintersowing/direct sowing/spring sowing. So there's that.

No worries. I know you well enough to know what I need will come to me.

by the way, do you have any pennyroyal? I can't find mine. :(

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

YAY! I WIN! What do I get? More Seeds,I hope?....LOL

I use what I can and trade the rest. Ok,I'll admit...I do sell some at farmers I can buy more seeds and plants....bwa...ha...ha....ha.

Like I tell the hub's....I could be wasting all his money on nekkid dancing guys..*BSG*


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lol if i counted i would tell. but i cant keep up with myself lol i know i have over 100.
i use to keep boxes n boxes full but anymore i try to keep what im going to plant or hope to plant lol i have lots of hopes!
i have a huge notbook holder thing i use those baseball card holders in it for my seeds. ive been putting then in abc order for easy findings. still have a few envys full i need to go through. my seeds for tradeing are in a basket.

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

and I am,trolling several seed trading forums w/ Germania seed catalog in my lap w/ yellow hi-light marker....most of the pages are almost entirely yellow hi-lighted....LOL.

Good thing I'm in charge of paying the bills so hub's doesn't see cc statements.....but I do recoup my money plus profit during market there..*G*

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

I do not have as much as Peggy, (thank you for making me seem moderate!). Thought I was a freak when I planted just over 100 things two years ago. That was, until last year, when I planted over 500....and that wasn't all the seed kinds I had.

Sheesh, if I counted now, I would have to confront the fact that I could not possibly plant everything. And that would mean I shouldn't trade.

I ain't riskin' it.

(I've done much better at un-chaffing seeds right away, and getting them sorted, labeled, bagged and filed though. That's a big improvement!)


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lol well i thought i was getting good at keeping my limit down! till peggy reminded me of a order i need to send in n tina do all the seeds not yet packed up count?? lol

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gjcore(zone 5 Aurora Co)

what an amusing old thread :-)

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Sure is GJ...good you brought it back.

What seeds I have left now are a full gallon zip lock bag each of flowers, veggies n herbs and about half a gallon of seeds for swapping, fridge crisper almost full...all awaiting on spring.


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