Repti Bark: particle size variation

fortyonenorth(6b)November 16, 2011

I know there's been some question about varying particle size of Repti Bark in the small vs. larger bags. I emailed customer service and received this reply:

Thank you for contacting us. The particle size of the Repti Bark should be the same regardless of the package size. This is a natural product, so there can be some variation in size, but it shouldn't be much and is not dependent on the package.

This makes sense as it would seem to be tremendous work to screen for different sizes for the different packaging.

On a slightly different note, but still on the subject of pine/fir bark...

This is generally the most difficult element for me to find with any consistency. As many have posted, the big box stores sometimes carry the "right" stuff, but more often carry some variation that isn't quite right. I haven't tried the Repti Bark, but I have to admit that on the scale that I'm growing, the price gives me pause. Are there any economical sources for fir bark in the midwest?

Finally, I've noticed that the suggested size for the fir bark vs. PB is slightly smaller. Does this infer that the fir bark breaks down at a slower rate? Is there any other benefit to fir bark over pine bark?

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susan2010(6 Massachusetts)

I just thought I'd mention that my experience with Repti Bark has been that at least a third of every bag (no matter the package size) has been too large to use in gritty mix. I'm just glad that I screened it, rather than use it straight out of the bag as suggested. Maybe they changed their manufacturing process at some point and the smaller particle sizes were from bags left over from older batches? Anyway, I would recommend screening it to be sure of the size.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

pine bark is actually more durable than fir bark.
Regarding the smaller size of fir bark over pine bark:
I believe that is due to the slightly flatter shape of the pine bark pieces, so a wider
tolerance for screening (1/8 to 3/8 inch) is suggested.

I've only used fir bark in any significant volume, so I can't provide a comparison
between fir and pine bark. However, from hiking in the woods, I do know that fir bark
"shreds" apart, whereas pine bark crumbles in scales or flaky layers. Either way,
both barks will last longer than one should go between re-pottings (unless using an
enormous container).


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