Caladiums in containers

blueflax_23325(z8 VA)November 9, 2005

How do I hold my potted caladiums until next spring? Will they be O.K. left in their pots or Will they rot? Do you suggest bringing them into the greenhouse & keeping them barely moist til spring, or is it best to remove them from the soil until spring? I live in Tidewater Va./zone8 & we have little snow, and wildly fluctuating winter temperatures.

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username_5(banned for no reason)

Treat them as houseplants. Give them as much sun as you can indoors, but don't sweat it. Come spring put them back outside and they should do fine even if they get ratty looking in the winter indoors.

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I would not leave them outside. I planted 70 outside last year & most did well. The next year all of them  even those in pots died. If I were to do it again, I would take a few out & dry them.

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

It seems to me that no matter what you do with them unless you grow them in perfect conditions you will lose half. Split them up and reduce the losses. Sandy

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Caladiums have to go dormant in the winter. They CANNOT be carried through the winter into the next spring. Let the tops die. Save the "bulbs" and plant them again in the early summer.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Blueflax, after all of the leaves have died back (and you can do nothing to prevent this), let the tuber dry out completely in the pots before lifting them for storage. Cut the foliage off to the tuber and inspect it for damage. You can wrap them in newspaper, or place them in layers of sphagnum moss, perlite...anything to keep them dry. They need to be stored in a warm, dry location.

In the spring, replant them into fresh potting medium...inside if you want an early start, but don't place outside until all danger of frost is over.

Caladiums don't improve with each passing year, by the way. Most people learn that it is not worth the trouble, and prefer to treat Caladiums as an annual plant.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

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I keep my caladiums in pots, and then just put the pots in a dark spot in my basement for the winter. Once spring comes, they will start to sprout usually before I move them to a sunny location and water them.

I have heard that caladiums do not increase with age, but that has not been my experience. My caladiums do come back larger every year.

Here is one of my pots this year.

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shirl36(Zone 5b West Central Illinois)

bluefax.....good post you have made here...I am very much interested in Caladiums... last year I purchased 3 pots, they did fall I dumped the pots hopeing to dry bulbs, they felt soft, and did not store thru the winter.

Trying again this yr....bought 3 more pots....a week later the stems were bent over and all three pots just wilted. Stuck them out in my staging area...watered some and just kinda forgot about them....last week I noticed they had new sprouts....and cannot believe how much they have growed in a week..... wanted them for the tropical look to set around our new premade water fall with ferns. Am not giving up....maybe I water to much.....

tnshadylady.....your caladiums is gorgeous!! only one thing wrong with is yours and not mine. Ha! I am curious about the pot you have them, the color is beautiful, just perfect for your plantings....did it come that color or did you high light it with something? if you did, what is your something....I have just purchased 4 12" pots on sale, cheap cheap....but the color is hideous and my plan is to paint them....they are nice, made of foam...

Boy I hope this post does not show up twice as I lost it once and have just retyped again....another Senior Moment....

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Shirl36, Thank you for the compliment. I can't take credit for the pot though, it came that way.

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In late September/early Oct. I reluctantly move all my caladium pots to my covered porch and let them go completely dry for 3 or 4 weeks. If we're getting a hard freeze, I cover with a thick blanket at night. They turn brown and die off. Then just dig them up, clean off most of the dirt and put in a grocery bag. They spend the winter in my semi heated basement till March/April when I restart them indoors in individual 4-6 in pots. I lose a few, but not many. This year I didn't get them potted up till April 23, all are gorgeous, except a couple are just now starting to send up shoots.. . still will be pretty, just late. TnShadyLady, yours look big enough to be a pink/green elephant ear, lovely!

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madmouser(7 TN)

I've never been able to beat the chipmunks to mine when fall comes. They swipe them as soon as they start to dry, taking the whole plant. Must use the stalks, dried tops for bedding and then nibble on the bulb over the winter.
At least they leave them alone during the summer.

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I love caladiums and have had one now for over a year. It had gone dormant and than started to come back. However, I placed it outside and I don't know if it got too much light or if it had a cold chill, but it seems to have gone dormant again. I have repotted it and brought it back inside. There has been no sprouts yet. I fear that I may have done it this time. The pic of the Caladium in the pot above is amazing. Mine was not that big. What do u recommend I do? Do u think there is a chance that mine will come back again? And are bigger pots always better?

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This was my first try with Caladiums. I understand for them to start growing the ground has to be warm. I waited and potted 18 of them, 3 to a pot early June.. Mr. Squirrel dug up so many I was frustrated..but those that remained potted did grow and are beautiful and guess what I have 4 in various areas that Mr Squirrel planted, sure livened up my garden...I will dry them and try again next Spring, I am now a caladium lover.

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I am happy to say that after transplanting my caladium, 2 weeks later and it has started to grow again. I am impressed with it's faithful growing habit.

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