I know this doesn't belong here but...

pic_it_up2005(Zone 6 Ohio Valley)December 5, 2008

this is the forum I'm most active in and I feel like I want to post this. I put in conversation so hopefully it wont be a big deal...

First of all, in short...

I'm only 21, and recently discovered hydroponic gardening! I haven't look back since. I own and run a Photography studio with my incredible future wife (we tie the knot may 2nd)

I have decided to go back to college for the second time but this time around getting my degree in botany! I really love this whole plant growing experience and I am a bit of a nerd. I have just fallen in love with the idea of working in this field for the rest of my life. Don't get me wrong, I love my photography and will always do it but owning your own business in these times is a scary thing.

The whole reason I'm posting this though is I'm scared to death. I sit now almost 1 A.M. and can't sleep because of it. My finance is being so supportive in all of this. Her support is such a blessing, she is better then I deserve. I just can't seem to shake this "it's now or never" feeling though. If I don't go for it, I will live the rest of my life wondering where it could have taken me. I've never felt this way, and I know I'm still young but I have a good life and we are begining to settle down into our cozy little 100 year old 4 room house. I just have to take a shot of this, it may be my only shot. I hope I can live up to it.

I really just felt like I wanted to share that, not really sure what response I'm looking for (if any)

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Hi pic,

I surely would never discourage anyone from pursuing a degree related to their love of plants, and I think hydroponics is fascinating and has a lot of future potential. Before I got my home and several acres and could garden outdoors, I had over 6,000 houseplants under lights, about 50% of which were grown hydroponically. I am sure there have been a lot of advancements since I did that 20 years ago.

Also, I think learning and knowledge are never wasted, and the fact that you have a wife-to-be in your corner is wonderful.

You sound very driven and motivated for being 21 years old, and it's very impressive. There are no guarantees that what we are trained to do will necessarily give us job security, so why not go for what you love?

Good luck to you,


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congradulations!! a great support is always helpful!! don't let that woman go!! :')
i think i'd be scared too!! but working for yourself would be so great wouldn't it!! your own hours! you being YOUR boss!! you making YOUr schedual, you making the apts, the only downfall would be is if your not up to it, BUT you having that great support system, i'm sure if things got hectic she'd help, so you'd still be good to go!! are you going to bring your hydroponics into it?? now that would be cool!! ~~Medo

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lifes to short, go for it:)
anything gose in conversation side :)

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agirlsgirl(7 North Carolina)

Wow! Like Kate,I am impressed with your motivation! :)

To me plants and photography go hand and hand,plants are my favorite subjects,well, except the family and pets of course!;)
It sounds like you have great opportunities before you,I say seize them! Push the fear aside and go for it! You have youth on your side,you have a long time ahead of you to make mistakes and correct them. Although from reading your post,I don't think failure is likely for you. You really have it together for someone your age,you are not wasting your potential like so many others are. Your fears are reasonable,with everything going on in this world right now,there is alot to be afraid of,but just remember, there are still people out there reaching for their dreams and finding much success in doing what they love. I have confidence that you are one of those people,now it's your turn! :)

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You're way to young to be having "now or never" anxiety. But you better make sure that its "now or before you have kids", cuz once that happens, never starts closing in and you have to start saving for THEIR college instead of thinking about your own....a(sorry but Im old enough to be having it..)


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pic_it_up2005(Zone 6 Ohio Valley)

wow, what a response! I'm really very encouraged by all the responses. I'm going to Miami Univeristy (it's rather close to home) It's the number 2 botany school in the world I have been told. They have a build your own degree program inside the botany program there. I'm going to be focusing on Hyrdo and Aqua ponics. I really feel like I can make a difference.

For some insteresting reading google "african bag gardens" and you will see a ton of people growing from bags. The thing about it is though is Africa they are doing it in pure animal waste because their topsoil is just plain gone. The world NEEDS more hydroponic gardeners and specialist, and we need it now.

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LOL doris thats sooo true!!!

pic it up that sounds like a good college n even better its close to home.

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angelady777 (was angelady on GW) - Zone 6(6)

Yes, I agree, too, with Doris. I wanted to become a nurse... I've started taking classes twice and couldn't continue because I already have 4 children and things have come up... They do come first. I agree that you sound young for a "now or never" kind of thing, but are you really? I thought that, too, then squandered my youth... I say go for it! Do it now while you're excited about it and nothing is standing in your way. I'd way rather do work that I love than do work just because it's work.


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pic_it_up2005(Zone 6 Ohio Valley)

Well, Why I still have some fear I have no doubts anymore. In a thread on the otherside of the forums I was asking if anyone had a certin seed for a friend of my old man's. The response I got leads me to belive that it's either gone or close to being gone. This really bothers me to think that a plant that use to be plentiful is now just gone. It may never exist again. As a botanist I could make a different in stories like these.

It's begining to feel like I have found what I was created to do...

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