Seed Shopping Partner Wanted

grovespirit(Zone 9)December 30, 2008

I got my catalog from Pinetree Garden Seeds, and I'm drooling. So many nice heirloom veggies to choose from!

I really wish I had a partner to coordinate with me on January food-seed buying, since my budget is very tight.

Who wants to partner up with me?

I'd prefer someone who has successfully traded with me before, but I'm game to pair up with anyone whose R&R page impresses me. :)

Instead of each person buying 12 different packs of heirloom veg. seeds each person could buy 6 packs (Partner A could buy, say, 2 lettuces and/or salad greens, 2 sweet peppers, a random interesting heirloom veg, and a purple broccoli).

Partner B could buy 6 different ones than Partner A (maybe 2 asian veggies, heirloom sweet corn, some purple carrots, and some salsify or artichokes).

Then the 2 partners could swap partial seedpacks, and both partners would get great variety AND save some money. :)

I am delighted that GW's Incredible Heirlooms is doing an heirlooom tomato seed swap in Jan. I joined the fun there.

At least I won't need to order any tomato seeds this year, I believe. :)

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I would love to partner up with you! I just got my Pinetree also and they quite a few things I would love! PLease let me know! Melinda

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