Searching for Haydite

JerryVenturaNovember 13, 2011

Does anyone know where I might find Haydite on the west coast? I know someone must have an expanded shale produce around here somewhere. I want to use it instead of Turface. The Haydite company back east has two blends that look really nice, No sifting would be required.


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After doing a bit of research via the internet and Google, which I'm sure you've already done, it looks like Haydite is available closer to the Midwest and Eastern areas of the States. I would keep looking... bonsai growers seem to use this product, so you may be able to locate a bonsai supply company that would carry it and be willing to ship you some.

It appears that the actual manufacturers only deal in bulk... but you never know... a few phone calls, a few emails... a little more research using different key words, such as bonsai supplies or bonsai soils... you may get lucky.

Good luck in your search... I wish I could be more helpful.

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Bonsai places just don't carry the amount that I would want, plus it would cost a fortune to ship at least 40 lb bags. I think I may have found a place in Ontario, they are a concrete supplier and produce other products from fired shale. That's still about 3 hours from my house but it might be worth the trip. What was nice about the haydite brand is that it's a hair bigger than Turface and it was all nice and sifted into just the right sizes that I would like to use, that means no sifting! I might just go to a friends nursery that pots up his own plants and see what he uses.
Thank you very much for the effort.

On another note, I learn a lot from your other posts, thank you.


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Thank you for saying so, Jerry... I'm glad to help. :-)

You know... if your friend owns a nursery, he may be in a position to order Haydite in bulk, or at least might be able to help you go a wholesale route, so to speak. He may know another place to get the stuff, or know another nursery that uses it.

Good luck in your search!

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