I HATE this time of year!

bigred(z8 Ark.)December 1, 2009

I am so BORED! I gripe all season about how glad I'll be when I can put the flowerbeds,greenhouse/nursery to bed for the winter then with only a few days of cold weather,I'm griping again because I'm stuck inside.I HATE cold weather and people that get all giddy about snow makes me wanna jap slap 'um..*G*. Need to jap slap the weatherlady....she said that nasty word this am.

I always say how happy I'll be not to have to get up at the buttcrack of dawn to get ready for market but I'm so use to rising early,I'm still getting up at 3:30-4:30am. UGH!

I finally got all my seeds inventoried now I'm sorting and bagging up the ones I'll start in a couple of weeks. I still have my plant inventoy to log,I've got a 3D puzzle started,several craft projects started,belong to 2 garden clubs and 2 fitness classes a week but still there is nothing to take the place of gardening and getting you hands dirty.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Well if you weren't such an A personality and if you didn't have everything all done, you wouldn't be bored.

I'm frantically trying to get the last of my bulbs planted before the ground freezes. I still have quite a few, but some will be easy and quick to plant as I'm naturalizing with them.

You might say no flowerbeds have been put to sleep here...don't know if that will even happen before it is just too cold to work on it. I had hoped to get a lot of fresh mulch down, but have not even gotten it delivered yet.

seeds inventoried
Seeds inventoried...what's that? I've never done that before.

I hear a lot of the Facebook users are easily addicted to Farming or something like that on the Facebook site. Might that be a good substitute for getting your hands dirty?
Later this winter I hope to get some much needed cleaning done in the basement. My hands will sure get dirty at that. Later too, I plan to do some painting here inside, maybe Jan-Feb.

Winter Solstice is not far off and I'd like to be ready for that this year, for a change.

Sue...forever behind and busy

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I only wish I had time to be bored! I so wanted to get the garden tilled before freeze up, but it's so wet. Frantically cleaning and decorating for Christmas, my mom's coming out to visit this year from NY. Spent most of today decorating and preparing to decorate, lol. Once that finally gets done (weeks from now!) I'll begin the weeks of baking.

That, and keeping up with Kym's santa swap, I dont think my seeds will be fully updated until January!

And I've not even started Christmas shopping!

I can't wait for snow, absolutely love it!

I'm usually so behind all of December, I dont get caught up until in January, and it's February before I feel the first restlessness, but then I'll be in full winter sowing mode.

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

I have plenty I could be doing and even though I say I'm tried of the greenhouse,seed catalogs coming in,seed orders going out,trades coming in then I sit amongst all my new seeds packets and get excited about all the new stuff then I want to be right back out there sewing and watching my babies grow.

I decided to do a seed inventory so I could see everything written down because if I just start scrabbling around in the seedboxes for seeds to sew,I ALWAYS miss something I really,really wanted to get started

Greenhouse is tucked in for the winter but with all the seeds I have to sew,I'll have to go dig out some more benches and hangers because right now there is NO empty benches in the GH.

The yard and flowerbeds aren't really finished...I'm just getting to work hit and miss because of weather. I just did finish re-edging and weeding the foundation bed that wraps around the west side of the house,Sunday, before the bottom fell out...and I do mean,"just barely finished" I had to park the Gator and make a dash for the door. I didn't finish mulching. Yesterday,it was fairly decent and I could have finished but had to be in town so lost that day.

I just got everything squared away from Thanksgiving. Don't plan on doing a whole lot of decorating for Christmas.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I decided to do a seed inventory so I could see everything written down
I'm afraid if I ever did that, that someone might think I need to be committed. It is just crazy, the amount of seed stash I have that I want/need to start this winter and next spring.

I can remember when I went on vacation to my sister's house out of state. I took my shoebox filled with hundreds of varieties of tomato seeds so I could take a complete inventory of them, in my spare time' there. When sister saw the box and I told her what they were she quietly suggested I put them away, before anyone saw them, and knew I had a 'problem' (addiction).

I only wish I had time to be bored! I so wanted to get the garden tilled before freeze up, but it's so wet.
I hear ya. I have often dreamed of getting the veggie garden cleared off in the fall, and even tilled, getting it all ready for some early things, like edible pod peas.

Don't plan on doing a whole lot of decorating for Christmas.
My decorating for several years has been a cute concrete Santa, in the bed nearest the door, maybe a wreath on the door, maybe a ceramic Christmas tree in the picture window, and a nativity scene or two.

Sue...off to pack some seeds

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

I have a refrigerator my hub's bought me just for my seeds. It's normally packed full of containers of seeds but I just did two big SASES and several individual SASES to clear out some surplus and older varieties(not old seeds...seeds for varieties plants that been around for years) so now I can fill the frig back up with newer seeds....and I'm off to a darn good start w/ seed orders and trades...LOL

I think the most I'll do for Xmas decorating is a 4 ft. table top tree and my big wreath on the wall outside the frence doors.My kids are grown and most of the grandkids are grown except for the youngest @ 10 and great granddaughter that's 2 and has finally decided I'm not a scarey ole lady any more 'cause I give her cookies and candy.All the kids will get another ornament this year.Well,the 10 yr old will get 2 because she broke her's last year trying to hang it on the tree.

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Peggy I'm with you. I HATE the cold and consider snow a four letter word! Thank goodness my kids are old enough to go sledding by themselves and the older ones can watch their little brother. I used to dread having to bundle up and take the kids out to play in it. I still putter around in the heated greenhouse but it's just not the same. I go to the farm only when necessary, maybe 1x/mo. Once daytime temps get below 50 I pretty much hibernate. I go to FL as often as possible. This will be the last year I can go on the spur of the moment. Next year my youngest will be in kindergarten and I won't be able to pull him out of school whenever I want. My older kids begin school early enough that DH can stay home until they leave but elementary school begins at 9am here and DH can't hang around the house that long. I guess I'll just be whining about the weather for the next 4 months!

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

I'm trying to fill my days with other activities since my hub's is retired but gone a lot this time of year hunting.

Three other ladies and I are doing 2 fitness classes a week. I'm trying to arrange with the one of two places to do my own fitness classes.Hope to be offering a varitey of different types and plan on adding "Stripness Class" which should be fun.

Had a meeting/Xmas Party Thursday night w/ my Native Plant Society Club,went to a tasting party at local community colleges with new culinary class. Have another garden club meeting/Xmas party Wed. so I'm trying to stay busy.

Got some more greenhouse supplies Thursday so next week I can start my winter sewing. Unfortunately my Gh's not heated so I hope I don't freeze apendages off doing it....LOL

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clc70(8 Wa.)

I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one who still has bulbs to plant. But I have an inch of snow this morning so they will have to wait. My flower beds aren't cleaned up yet either but my compost is spread. I'm making christmas wreaths with my daughter (it's how she makes extra money for christmas). Today I have to clean house for my gift bingo party comming up. I'm making a big wreath for my hoastess gift and five center pieces for my tables. I'm still cleaning seed! Oh, and I still work full time so I can't be too hard on myself, but sometimes I feel like a failure with my gardens. Connie

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mikey-gardener(6a,6b, kcmo)

Well folks, THIS winter I will be busy overhauling the motor to my garden tiller, gettng it rdy to till for the vegetable garden next spring. You are so right I didn't get to till the vege. garden in. Since I am a newbie here I will be planning on where I am going to start planting these flower seeds, as far as the location in the yard and the color of flowers (organize one of my weak area to do) Watch for a good snow this year so I can make some good ole snow ice cream. Boredom this year will have to pass me up, cause I ain't got time for it, or the mulley grubs either. Thanks to the ones who sent to me some seed this year and first of all,me coming acrtoss this site to make all kind of friends. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. Mike

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