veggie questions... (winter edition)

kissingfrogs2003November 4, 2011

I am growing veggies in containers and have a couple of questions. Any and all insight you can offer would be great! New to this whole thing- especially in winter :)

1)General question

~At what temperature should I be covering all my plants (veggies, herbs, flowers) at night with sheets? I have never lived in cold climate before so this is all new to me!

2) tomatoes

~I got a late start with my recent batch of tomatoes and they are all at different stages, some with fruit some still seedlings. I am wondering, with weather getting colder how long they might still have a chance to grow for or if I should just give up on them.

3)Radishes and Carrots

~I know radishes do well in winter so I plan to keep those going but unsure about carrots...can I plant them as well this time of year in pots and get some "salad toppers"? (fyi these are mini varieties- sparkler radishes and baby finger carrots)

4)Spinach and Lettuce

~I have spinach (melody variety) that I know will stand up in freezing temperatures. What about lettuce? I have very small head variety (forget the name) that is producing leaves currently but wodnering if that will stop and/or if I will be able to plant more!

5) Herbs

~I am hoping to bring my herbs indoors but in case I can' there anything than can survive winters outdoors? I have the following herbs at the moment: sage, dill, parsley, cilantro, thyme, catnip, oregano, rosemary

~ ALSO, is there any form of basil that survives outdoors in the winter? All of my plants are fading fast and havent moved beyond two leaf pairs each. I would hate to have nothing to use until warmer weather... (sadly lost all my freezer supplies to a tragic electrical malfunction). IF NOT: what kind do you recommend to grow indoors with limited light available?

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zzackey(8b GA)

I think the catnip will survive and be perennial. I never grew herbs when I lived up north. The basil won't live. It is an annual as far as I know. Unless there is a variety that someone else can tell you about. I would try a few herbs in the brightest window you have and see what happens. Most herbs do well inside. Just don't overwater. We cover our plants when it's supposed to go below 40 degrees. Frost can happen anytime it is 40 or below. The tomatoes won't do much now, but I wouldn't give up on them. If you know it is going to get too cold for them, pick them all and bring them inside. We've had good luck wrapping them individually in newspaper. They ripen up just fine and taste great.

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