smart pot question

augiedog55November 18, 2011

After doing some research i'm going to use smart pots for my container tomato growing on the deck.. I'm getting some 25 gallon pots. My question is can i grow a large indeterminte plant in a pot of that size or do i have to stick to smaller variaties?

Thanks in advance


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I have a Cherokee Purple and a Green Tiger still producing in air type pots, one is a Smart Pot brand but I don't like those (I sampled four different brands this season), I'm throwing it out as soon as the tomato is done. The smart pot handles aren't as sturdy, and the pot is a thinner material, so the top edge folds down and gets in the way of watering. I'm going with just the thicker brands with the tougher handles. I do like handles, I live in the city, and I have actually moved them to get better sun as the season changed, or as some fizzled out I moved other closer together.


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I planted-up 20-30 7-gal. "smart" pots last year. Two pepper plants or one tomato plant in each. IMO, 25 gal is way overkill--even for large indeterminates. I know there are a lot of folks growing full-size plants in 5-gal buckets. You just need to pay attention to moisture and fertility and you'll be fine.

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