A little hint/tip when looking for members here

Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)December 10, 2008

If for some reason, you are looking for a member if they are not responding to emails, or their emails are bouncing, or unable to be sent to the member, if you make a post here on Conversations looking for them, it helps a lot if one puts the member name in the Subject of Posting line. I and others might not be very familiar with their first name only, or their city/state, but often if the member name is posted, someone will know their whereabouts, or maybe where they have posted recently.

Often members post somewhere of computer crashes, all their emails being lost, or life emergencies that have caused them to get behind, or have to delay fulfilling their end of a trade.

Happy Trading to all!

Sue...hopping off box now

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Thanks for the info. I may need to do that later on. Thanks again! Lucylou

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