Seed Virgins-Who was your first enabler?

Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)December 17, 2008

Can you remember who was the very first member to do an actual trade with you?

I'm sorry, but it has been too many moons ago for me

Can you remember who was the first member who really got you hooked on seed collecting and/or trading? Did they send you a huge trade in exchange for a much smaller trade from you? Did they send you a big BEAP (bubble envy and postage, seeds for postage offer)? Did they maybe adopt you and go all out as an enabler and just mail you seeds with no trade or postage required?

Again, sorry, but that has been too many moons ago.

Let's hear your experiences about back when you were a seed virgin, if you can remember them.


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I had the roots of seed addiction long before I discovered garden web. The first seed I snagged was a castor bean(prolly 1986). I collected three of them while on a walk and kept it in my purse all winter and would take it out occassionally and admire the kewl patterns. The following fall I collected grocery bags full of seeds from my garden. Course I was stupid and put all the seeds in the same bag. I knew which ones were zinnias and which were marigolds, but, geez, what the heck else was in there? who knew.

I blame my gardenweb addiction on Wenders, cuz she was the first to send me a huge sase envy full of seeds. I distinctly remember feeling slightly greedy when I sent her a wish list that had about *twelve* items on it(If I only knew).

My first trade--(based on the first R&R that was posted) was either Darla or Cheryl, Id have to look to make sure.

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

I really got to think on this one,I think it was more a group effort than just one single enabler for

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Oh this is a good one! I can tell you exactly who got me hooked!! It is a tie between Angie and Medo!! I don't remember the actual seeds I received but I do remember very well that they were both so welcoming and friendly! They both sent bonus seeds, and left really nice reviews for me on the R & R. It really is a bonus when you receive not only seeds, but you can also make friends. I am so grateful for GW. I have learned so much and my gardens would not be what they are without the fabulous people here! ~ Sharon

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

ahhhh-ha. The truth is coming out now who the best, or it is worst enablers are.

Course I was stupid and put all the seeds in the same bag.
lol...Doris, weren't you green back then?

Sue...who likes to see folks sign with 'real' names if it isn't included as a part of the member name...(hint, hint)

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although gardenweb isn't the first seed exchange site i've joined, it's the one that sucked me in and got me rehooked on seed collecting! made my first post on october 26th; by the end of october 27th, ten members had responded. after the rush died down, i had to start initiating trades myself--i couldn't stand the inactivity! then i stuck my fingers into round robins--so many wonderful, wonderful seeds out there! i, too, remember feeling that touch of greed and thinking why, oh why, didn't i collect more stuff?!
sassybutterfly_2008 (Wendy) was the very first member to contact me. the first seeds i received from a trade were from Audrey and Hank2230, whose packets arrived on the same day. Since then i've done 50+ more trades and am in the midst of 3 round robins! love it!

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OK, agirlsgirl is Angie. ~ Sharon

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SusanC(9b/10a Sunset 17)

I started collecting seed from my own garden when we moved to our first house. (Clarkia, poppies and Gaura.) My first seed-snatching episode was a fistfull of wild sunflower seeds from Caswell Memorial Park, and the seed-snatching addiction definitely was born then...

When I first found the seed exhange boards, I lurked for a time so I could figure out how things are done. Then, I snatched a bunch of seeds from my own garden and from friends' gardens, bought some inexpensive seeds, and set up a trade list. In my maiden post in November of 2004, I didn't indicate that I was new, and I got 16 responses (a bit overwhelming, but I managed!)

Appropriately enough, my first trader was named "TheGardenAngel", real name Maria. -Unfortunately, I haven't seen her around in quite a while. Sguanzon, Sue, who is most definitely still around, was also one of that first batch of traders. I didn't try to keep track of gardenweb names back then, so I don't know the handles of the other 14 traders.

P.S. My first deadbeat trade came out of that maiden voyage, but as you can see, I survived to trade another day!

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Angie (agirlsgirl) is definitely my enabler!!!! Although many others followed after that with very generous SASBE and trade offers!


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Been a long time Sue, But it was MargC who was my first trade. I had only been a member for a few weeks, posted a seed trade list with not much on it as I was waiting for my "store bought plants" to ripen seeds.

I had a 3 things she wanted and she had 4 that I wanted. Set up trade and she guided me through the process.

When her package came it was full of at least 50 seeds packets. That put me in seed heaven and got me hooked.

Marg, has since passed away, but wow, what a start on that one. My gardens are full of Marg's plants from that very first seed trade. I fondly remember her every time I'm in my gardens. Blooming perennials and annuals, collected seeds from them to keep the annuals going and pass along the seeds from that very first trade to others.

I'm sure that Marg is gardening away, up there and watching down on all of us.

AND, SUE you are the guilty party that got me hooked on the tomato seeds. I said thanks but no thanks to some tomato seeds. You didn't listen and sent them anyways.

So I said "awe what the heck, and gave them the good old WS try and been hooked ever since.

And I'm sure, that along the way, I've roped in plenty and enabled plenty to add to or start their seed addiction.


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I don't remember my first trade! I know it was for a tomato. I mentioned one in conversation on the Tomato forum, and someone contacted me asking for a trade. I do remember my first post for trading. It was again on the Tomato forum. I somehow ordered 2 packs of the same tomato and had extra seed. I got responses from a few people, but one I definitely remember is you Sue! I remember you sent me Gardener's Delight Cherry and Lemon Cucumber.(There may have been something else, but I remember those two.)
When I was out of work during all my operations 3 years ago, I discovered the Winter Sowing forum, and decided to give flower seeds a go. I grow a lot of flowers, but mostly they were purchased plants. I seemed to really only grow veggies from seed. Anyway, I collected all the seeds I could that were still out there in the cold so I could trade.
There was a wish list going on the seed exchange, and I wanted mostly basic things. In particular, I wanted zinnias. Fran didn't want what I had, but offered to send me zinniaz for a SASBE. I was so excited to get some, I actually mailed a BE inside a BE! Fran sent me a very nice assortment of zinnias and dianthus too.
I did build up my list a bit, and I did a trade with Plantender. (I think that's how she spelled it.) We did a lot of email chatting. When I received my seeds, I thanked her, and I happened to mention I was trading seeds to help with getting through winter and the operations. She sent me a surprise BE stuffed with large quantities of certain seeds, so I could have keep a trade list going all winter! I'll always remember her kindness.

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rosepedal(Four seasons zone4/5)

Fran that is a wonderful story! You sent me a sasbe too. I grew alot of your seed in my garden this year. Angie was my very first trade and she still spoils me to this day. Really! She sent me so many of my wants this year. Verbascums! Whoo hoo

There were so many gardeners who I grew their seed this year. Poppy power comes to mind. She sent me her daylily seeds she made and they are in the garden hopefully will bloom this year. Lindalana sent me wonderful woodland seeds last year and this year. Fran of course. Oh and Bakemom our seed queen. My favorite I received as a newbie and grew was poppy powers poppies but you all know that I have been talking them since July when they bloomed. LOL

Sue your daffs will be special to me. They are my first daffs from GW. It is wonderful when you go out to the garden and see the blooms and remember the wonderful person you met and are growing their flowers. I love you all and GW......Great thread Sue!

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token28001(zone7b NC)

I have a lot of packets from rosepedal. And poisondartfrog.

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token28001(zone7b NC)

Oh yes, medontdo. She and I sent packages back and forth this fall. I bet I have 15 types of seed from her.

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appaloosa909(6b Central NJ)

I was a seed horder long before I found GW. GW made it FAR WORSE then it ever was "just buying" packets of seed. Now I have Boxes of seed, some I never heard of.

My first trade was a SASE offer from Robbi (gardengeek) I finally worked up the nerve to send a SASBE to someone after lurking for a couple of weeks. The envelope came back FULL .... I thought I died and went to seed heaven. My second attempt was a request for a trade and that person was not nice, sent a "sorry for bothering you" email back and have since ignored any attempts from her/him (?) to trade again. With the exception of one SASE offer (they wanted 5 stamps and sent the envelope back with $ .45 postage) that I felt like I was gypted, all of my trades and SASE's have been wonderful and have fed my seed addiction quite well :)


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i'd have to say, katie88. we made an uneven trade, then she sent me even more because i was a newbie, and kept in touch because of tabor. LOL
and then angie and i enable each other all the time when we have something each other wants that the other doesn't have, LOL ohhhh ann/kmpsmom is the same with us, she is a sweetie.
tabor and i are getting a few more seeds in, and then we will be done, so we are still packaging up his!! LOL **big smile** i have not forgotten, i may forget where i put my glasses and my head but not a trade!! LOL ~Medo Ho Ho Ho Ho

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It's been years...Ilovefarac-Melinda, was among the first , may be you Sue and Fran too? Someone remembers better I imagine. Reason I remember Melinda-when I told her her name reminds me on my friends by last name Farac, sure couldn't be them, ha, she told me "It stands for I love Flowers And Rocks And Children"--not necessarily in that order, lol.

How long have you been helping around the GW Sue?
Glad to have found this site, thank you and all.

Merry Christmas,

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ive been seed collecting n trading for years but GW has been the best! ive never done so many trade with so many diffrent seeds!
my first trade was with [copyed out my folder lol]>4-16-08=jaleeisa [Kathy] trade her honesty for my cosmos * n yep she sent extra!
n the honesty were planted this fall n comming up nice till the snow lol they should come back in spring with blooms yay!

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

This is my first year wintersowing and anything more than dabbling in seed germination. I was first blown away by bakemom's sasbe offer for seeds. I also received a nice bag of seeds from Robbi (gardengeek). I've been addicted since then!
My real obsession began with trading on the Round Robin forum. My first host was Kathy (jaleeisa) and first trader, April (dirt_under_my_nails). I have participated in at least one monthly since then. Love it!
This year I started harvesting my own seeds, too. WOW! I really never knew there was so much I could do (year round) to enhance my love of gardening.
Still "green" but learning something new every day.... Nikki

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

WEll, the first person to send me a absolutely STUFFED package of seeds was a gentleman named Kenneth, but I don't to this day, have his GW ID. Aside from him, msmisk and Angie both did some really wonderful SABEs for me when I first joined, and so did Michele (medontdo)and Tod and Wenders too! Michele and I still trade regularly, and I still trade regularly with several who loaded me up when I first started. Melissa (hazelnutbunny) and Michele (medontdo) are two that I trade with very regularly and honestly, the first two I turn to if I'm looking for something in particular.

Lots of people have really enabled my passion for gardening and I want to thank you all! I was so honored and really excited when Remy and Sue offered to do a SABE for me!

Everyone here is wonderful and I've enjoyed each and every trade and look forward to more! My poor mailman certainly earned his gifts this year!


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if i'm looking for something, i email Kathy, Ann, Melissa, and i know there's one more, scottrell, daffodillady, LOL i have to think in the order of the names!! LOL tabor helped me set up my email!! LOL he liked it better with daffodillady instead of beth, LOL sometimes i ask Alana, depends on if its a rare thing or if i think she might have it, she's one of the best too, just as sweet as can be!! i can remember ANN from when she first came on, i sent her a HUGE sasbe, she said she was new, and we were going to my brothers wedding, and i had to look up her addy, well i had to make sure i got the addy right, i have this thing about getting the right seeds to the right person even if it is an sasbe. so i finally tracked her down and we made friends, and i sent her even more because it was all i had left, we are still very good friends, ya know, i don't make friends just for a little bit, so when someone does this school kid friend with me its really wierd!! and both melissa's that have done that to me and a barb that have were really wierd!! but everyone else we never lost touch!! LOL How cool is that?? i know, i'm rambling again!! its really dark and glumy out!! yep, thats my excuse!! LOL ~Medo

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I just now wandered back here and am pleased to have my mother MargeC remembered for her enabling! She would have been proud! She was my first enabler!! She taught me how to wintersow and for many years she and I wintersowed together! I traded for things she wanted and she traded for things I wanted. We shared all and I never bought a plant or grew one that I didn't give half to her! I was thrilled that this year many of the last items she and I wintersowed together bloomed for the first time!
She was thrilled when trading with Fran! Thanks for remembering her!
And GrannieB, she sent me some of my first wonderful seeds also in peppers, etc. Many of the first ones I traded with here are now gone!
Don't know where they went but never see them much anymore!
And yes, Fran, I am sure my mother is gardening away in Heaven! It seems as if my flowers that we got together each year do better and better as if she makes sure they put on a fabulous show just for me each year!
I've done so many trades I can't really even remember them all! But I thank each and everyone of them!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

LMAO...have to relate to you that I just came across a Seed Virgin and am now getting to be the 'enabler' once again. What fun! Here is how it all transpired.

He posted a question on another forum about planting seeds that had been gathered from a flower that was grown from a bulb. He received some great info from another member, and then I posted asking if he might have a few seeds available to trade and asked that he look at my humble trade list. btw, he had no seed trade list whatsoever posted on his Member Trade Page.

About a week after I had posted to his thread, he emailed me about a possible trade, offering 2 other cool seeds additionally, and requesting 3 varieties from me. I asked that he take an additional look at my list to see if there might be anything else of interest to him while I was sending anyway. He shyly added 3 more things of interest to him, and mentioned having a lot of a particular seed which was of interest to me, as I had just discovered was a native. I requested some of that additionally from him, and did a recap of the trade, stating that he take one last look at my list and to not be shy as I was needing to get some of these seeds gone. It was his last chance to let me know! Well, don't you know, he was able to find 5 more things of interest, for a total of 11 things?

He ended his email with, Alright, I'm stopping now! I can see how this trading thing could
> become addictive! ;(
> Maybe I'll just have to send you some surprise seeds too just for fun! :)"

Would you say we he might be addicted here before too long once he receives his seeds? Of course I will have to include some extras too, so he can build up a Seed Trade List in addition to what he already has available to trade. I offered to mail first thinking he may not have a bubblie handy or know how to best package the seeds to arrive safely. Being a Seed (trading) Virgin, he took me up on that offer. I'll break him in and soon we might have a familiar name, posting away with his 'Haves' and 'Wants'.

I can't believe he has been a member since 2003 and is just now coming across his first enabler. to pack seeds and enable him and get some others caught up.

hmmm...Since he is I'm sure clueless at this point as to what a Seed Virgin and an Enabler is, I'll point him to this thread. He also needs the link to Bakemom's great offer to, and Trudi's tomato seed offer, don't you think? Then of course he might want to check out WSing, and know all about the great seeds for postage offers to be found, yada, yada, yada. In scoping his posts out, I see he is also into veggies...hmmm...might have to add a few of them to his bubblie too.

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gardenmom2(IN Zone 6)

Hi everyone. I have loved reading your post. I am not evensure how I stumbled upon this thread. I started out reading about seed saving, as I haven't done my own, I always buy them. Someone referred to a conversation thread and Iclicked the link. Anyway, I was going through thethreads and read this one. I cried on the post about the woman who is passed away but helped so many of you. It was such a sweet and loving thing for her to do and for you to remember. I have daisy's from my husband's aunt who passed away and every year when I see them blooming, I think of her. It is wonderful. My question is this. I am brand new. I have a trade proposed by a wonderful person for some lettuce seed but my question is this. The only seed I have is what I just ordered online to plant this year. How many seeds do I need to offer someone a trade. For example, I just ordered six packets of heirloom tomatoe seeds. How many of a variety of seed makes a trade? I need all of the help I can get. I love gardening, but have always spent money on bedding plants and perennials at the nursery. It is costing me a fortune. Thelast three years I have reaised my own vege. seedlings and love it and want to exa\pand that this year. I have already spent almost a hundred dollrs on seed and will probably more, but I saw references to people sending sase???? What is that??? What do I do ?? I feel really silly and rude asking for free seed, but my husband is going to build me a hoop house for my seeds so I really can't spend much more on seeds. Plus I am going to buying worms for worm composting, and more. Would someone please be my friend and tell me what to do and where to look and teach me how to save seed this summer/fall. I have the spring planting part down and of course the spending money part :) lol, but I need help on the other part. You all seem so very nice andhelpful on here. I have learned so much just reading for the last few days. Thanks forreading this.

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My first seed and plant enabler was Chrizty. She sent me a huge envie of seeds in our first trade along with a lot of great gardening advice. And later sent me a large box of irises, my first irises planted in my garden. I am happy to say we are still enabling each other.

Best to you,

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Hehe... Sue, point him my way! I'm sure I can join in the fun and we'll have him completely addicted in no time! Not to mention I have seeds that I really just need to make sure have good homes :)

Hmmm... perhaps it's time for me to do another Newbie offer and revive my thread for that.

Kathy~ Wandering off to take a look at the old thread....

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Hi sue,, you are my mentor and I thank you, always there lookin over my shoulder even now,,thanks so much for being my first,,it has been so wonderful,, I have winter sewn 25 containers and have adoupted 3 more newbies, I just love it all thank you again, Lisa

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Oh my, I see that a couple of gardenmom's questions were not addressed but see she must have found the answer about seed counts(in looking at her list) and that the sase question has likely been answered somewhere too.

Hi Lisa, I remember you starting out...wanting to trade what you had, and you didn't even know the name of what you You were describing the flowers and we were guessing what it might be that you were collecting seeds from. You've come a long way baby. It is nice to know I contributed to your addiction and now that you have become a full blown enabler.

Graanieb, sorry to not answer answer your question...I think I have been resident busy body here for about a year. I used to be quite shy.

Kathy, Thanks for the offer to enable him, and I may send you some postage to send him some excess goodies. Thanks!

Good to know I was instrumental in creating one tomatoholic anyway. (Fran)


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Sue "used to be quite shy."? Hmmm.

Maybe you should start your own company. "BRB's how to become unshy."

Yup you got me BRB/aka sue. you made me the tomatoholic that I am. You also turned my daughter into a lover of "weird color toms"

AND most of all, gave me the perfect blackmail weapon to make sure my spine surgeon doesn't screw up on my surgeries.

After the surgery and proof he didn't screw up, he gets free WS tomato seedlings.


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playintheyard(zn6 MA)

My first was Appalousa909-Andrea 5 pack sase. Then there was Caterwalling-Cathy 10 packs of seeds for the BF. Thank you very much ladies! Actually looking forward to the mail getting presents in the mail what a great feeling. Joining in on thr RR was like hitting the mother load. I thorouly enjoy reading all the posts getting to know everyone and when that fat envie arrives w/ all the differant types of seeds & seed pacs ahhh the joy.

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My first enabler is my mother...Who has been letting me raid her seed stashes since I got a garden of my own (((Mom)))

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My first enabler was a lady named Mrs Penny.A wonderfull woman who had to leave her big beautiful home due to her husband leaving her for a younger woman.She was left with 8 children and had to move into public housing.
I helped her move plants and she got me started with purple basil and merigold seeds.
It took a lot of years before I was able to start gardening agian.
I will never forget her love of gardening and I hope by now she has her own place to garden again.

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I am brand new and I am sure a seed virgin. Learning and trying. Any tips is appreciated and I am willing to send sase to anyone willing. Looking to build, this seems exciting.

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It's been quite a while, sorry you don't have a thing left from my send, Melissa, but I wonder at times about the plants over the years I've lost and would like again, such as Peppers, long cuke, Thunbergia King's Mantle, luna blush Hibiscus...heard from a few friends plants from our trades are doing well, thankfully.
I've gotten a few Coral Vine seeds in the first couple of trades, at the same time got a cutting from daughter's neighbor, she called it Rosa Montana..all grew well and we now have lots, daughter's fav.
Happy trades to you til we see again,smile,


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