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kissingfrogs2003November 13, 2011

I tried asking these couple of questions once before with minimal response so hoping a repost will help...

1)Radishes and Carrots

~I know radishes do well in winter so I plan to keep those going but unsure about carrots...can I plant them as well this time of year in pots and get some "salad toppers"? (fyi these are mini varieties- sparkler radishes and baby finger carrots)

2)Spinach and Lettuce

~I have spinach (melody variety) that I know will stand up in freezing temperatures. What about lettuce? I have very small head variety (forget the name) that is producing leaves currently but wodnering if that will stop and/or if I will be able to plant more!

3) Herbs

~I am hoping to bring my herbs indoors but in case I can' there anything than can survive winters outdoors? I have the following herbs at the moment: sage, dill, parsley, cilantro, thyme, catnip, oregano, rosemary

~ ALSO, is there any form of basil that survives outdoors in the winter? All of my plants are fading fast and havent moved beyond two leaf pairs each. I would hate to have nothing to use until warmer weather... (sadly lost all my freezer supplies to a tragic electrical malfunction). IF NOT: what kind do you recommend to grow indoors with limited light available?

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sage, cilantro, catnip, and rosemary are perennials and live outside in z6. Not sure about the others but parsley has lived over the winter here tho it's not gonna live a lot of years. Basil smells and tastes like basil from the day it sprouts, so get a lot of seed and grow basil sprouts if you have to, :)

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