sand seeps through retaining wall

aliona(8)August 6, 2014

I have a wooden retaining wall, about 3 feet high, along a driveway. The sand from the soil behind it gradually seeps through and ends up on the driveway. Every half a year or so I have to remove a pile of sand from under the wall, while the soil behind the wall settles down. Is there a way to repair this? The wall itself is in good shape, I would not want to replace it.

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Behind the wall the installer should have laid a piece of filter fabric (Mirafi or equivalent), backfilled a drainage chimney with 3/4" clean gravel, and then wrapped the filter fabric over the top of the gravel (essentially creating a gravel burrito). If you have soil right up against the back of the wall, well... that's wrong. Your fix would be to dig out behind the wall for the entire length and do this.

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Thank you, marcinade. I forgot to tell that there is a layer of landscape fabric behind the wall, which is deteriorating by now (the fabric, not the wall). That's it; no gravel. To think of it, the wall is about 10 years old and the problem is getting worse over the years - probably due to break down of fabric.

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