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CaliforniaGardenerMay 11, 2013

I started gardening a few years ago and have learned a lot from reading what others post all over the internet. I thought I'd start making some videos that put some of those tips into short clips. Also stuff I've learned along the way will go into them as well. I didn't see anywhere that posting links to your own garden videos was a problem on this site, but if it is someone can let me know. Thanks. Here's one I just posted on Trellising your cucumbers.


Here is a link that might be useful: Easy Cucumber Trellis Video

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lonmower(zone8 Western Oregon)

Neither of your trellis systems will support the weight of the number of plants (and growing fruit) you show in your video. My experience is that these vines are quite vigorous in good soil and with good care these plants will completely overload the trellis...especially the one at an angle.

One trellis might support one or two plants

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Welcome to the site.

One quick warning: Posting pics and videos is great, but the general attitude here is anti-posting topics just to give your own gardening opinions and techniques. Especially for new members. No one takes offense to people asking questions or posting direct responses to questions, but new members posting to randomly provide their own tips tends to cause offense.

Not sure if it's because people feel that the poster is saying they know better than anyone else or if too many people have joined to promote their own blogs or whatever. It just never seems to go over well.

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Post whatever you want to post, as long as you follow site and forum rules and the subject matter is forum-related. If some people take offense that is their problem not yours. You will never please everyone so no point in worrying about it.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Welcome, California!

As far as I am aware of, the only time a first time blogger or video presentation doesn't go over well is if the presenter is trying to sell something. That's not the case with you! I'm not so sure that SaraElise should have posted about the 'general attitude' without being quite sure what that is. ;-)

That being said, even as a first time poster, you have to be prepared for the criticism! I totally agree that this PVC trellis is not likely to hold up to a climbing zucchini plant. Plus, in direct sunlight, PVC breaks down and is likely to weaken or even shatter before the growing season is over. I can't really see such a construction holding up a morning glory vine (for example), what with the wind sail effect.

Trellising our cucurbits is great idea, saving tons of precious ground space while taking advantage of the vertical space. Just be sure that the plants aren't going to create a sun screen for other crops on either side of the climbing vine.

I also worry about the use of the fishing line. Zucchini isn't a natural climber and will need a strong grid like system to be trained upon. It's not going to twine itself around some fishing line. Zucchini will likely need to be gently tied to what ever structure is used.

Trellising really needs to be fairly sturdy, even for very light, non fruiting plants. The poles you've selected (PVC or the tall plastic bamboo plant stakes in the pea video) are just not going to be sturdy enough to support a plant in my opinion. By the way, "tendrils" is the word you were looking for, for the peas.

The other thing I noted (I didn't watch it carefully all the way through) is that most of the 'bugs' that plague our zucchini plants don't come from the soil. They are on the wing, freely able to fly in and wreak havoc whenever they want to, lol. Real benefits include fewer problems from slugs (though they can climb) and no more veggies rotting on the ground.

Darling child seen peeping in and out of the videos! If she's yours, looks like you might have a gardener in the making. That's the age I started toddling around in my Dad's garden.

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Fair enough. Maybe I should clarify.

Definitely post what you want, but just be very open to criticism. I've seen more than a few threads where the OP puts out their tips, others immediately point out flaws, OP takes it personally, etc.

I wasn't trying to discourage the posting, just wanted CaliG to be ready for posts that weren't all saying "thanks for the great tips" as you get at some sites. As long as he doesn't take criticism as a personal attack, should be fine.

As a newer member myself, I just remember the surprise at how intense some people feel for or against different approaches to gardening. :)

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