Oh No! The worst thing I've ever done to another Gardenwebber.

lgslgs(z6 SE ohio)December 18, 2009

This is so embarrassing. Worse than sending a seed packet full of chaff only and no seeds. Worse than sending weed seeds when you think you are sending flowers.

I was just forwarding my husband a spam e-mail I received today so he could look at the headers and modify our spam filters.

I typed the first couple of letters of his name in the address field, saw an address load and hit send. Then I noticed that it wasn't his name and address in the "to" field - it was a newbie Gardenwebber who I sent a private offer for a newbie seed pack.

Oh No!!!

This wasn't just run of the mill spam. This was spam for "male enhancement" and had a before and after mail enhancement photo! I just flashed a total stranger with another total stranger's family jewels!

Of course I sent an immediate apology and explanation. But somewhere out there this morning there's a newbie gardenwebber who's just got a free seeds e-mail followed a very non-garden spam mail with photo!

Ugh, I feel terrible about this. But I think telling you all and having you all laugh at me for a while might help the feeling awful bit pass. Maybe. Ugh.


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floodthelast(5 N. OH)

Lol, ok I feel bad for the gardener but this is so unlike you that it's making me giggle.
I'm sure your explanation will clear things up, just be more careful when sending stuff like that, lol.
Also if I get such an email in the future I will no longer believe any excuses, ;P

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i guess theres other stuff to grow besides seeds?


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Who knows, the pics might make their day a little more interesting. lol

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Geeze Linda,
who knew there was this whole other side of ya?? **big grin**
i'm sure that they will understand! **smile**
although it is so darned funny!! i had to read this to hubs because i was laughing so darned hard. LOL ~medo

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kqcrna(z6 SW Oh)

Geez, that's so funny Lynda. I'm just really glad to know that I'm not the only dummy who does this sort of stuff!


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angelady777 (was angelady on GW) - Zone 6(6)

I'm so glad you felt free to share this story with us, Lynda! You had me laughing harder than I have in years! When I thought I couldn't laugh any harder, I read your signature! LOL!!!!!!!!!

FloodTheLast got me giggling again with, "Also if I get such an email in the future I will no longer believe any excuses, ;P" LOL!!!!

But, seriously, Lynda, I think we've all accidentally sent an embarassing email before and had it come back to bite us. You apologized, and I'm sure the member really understands. Now, we can all look back on this great story and just giggle every now and then. That's what I love about humor. It's rarely funny when it's happening to you at that moment, but later, it really can bring a good chuckle.


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At least she got the "after" picture too!

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kwyet1(z6 CT)

This is just TOO funny!! I never read 'conversations' and thought I would take a look today to see what was going on...I still can't stop laughing!! Thanks for sharing!!
(another) Linda

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Been there, done that too!! I'm not sure what I accidently sent to one of my managers was as good as what you sent, but was embarassing at the moment. We both, as well as some of our co-workers, laugh about it now.

Thanks for the chuckle!

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mojo1967(zone 5a)

Oh Lynda, Lynda, Lynda...This is some FUNNY Stuff right here!
I once sent my Daughter a picture of myself that was meant for my Fiancee..I won't say what the pic was but you can imagine! Anyway, her Husband checked her messages before she did & he said to her "Wow, you & your Mom have a weird relationship"...lol..we all just laughed it off but i am sure it will never be forgotten! So I can feel your embarassment totally!


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Halariouse, not laghing at you, laughing with you!
Might make someone have secound thoughts about what they are getting into here!

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