Tearing out some junipers - need tree and shrub suggestions

laurell(8 - Washington)August 17, 2012

Last August I tore out the first half of the junipers that were surrounding our front yard, replanted the lawn, and got started landscaping. The thread is here http://forums2.gardenweb.com/forums/load/design/msg081041072297.html?11

Phase 2 is set to begin next weekend and I could use some input. The removal of the junipers is pretty straight forward. I'm lucky enough to have phone lines running under the root systems of the plants to be removed so it'll be long hours with a shovel, pry bar, hand trowel, and loppers, just like last time (we had power lines running under last year's batch). The original plan was to put a grouping of 3 skinny conifers (we were thinking Alaska weeping cedar or weeping sequoia) in the far corner of the yard by the road and the neighbor's driveway and I still like that but I'm open to options. I want to avoid anything bulky or messy in that area as my neighbors that share this border with me tore out a tree that made a mess on their driveway and it seems like kind of a jerk move to put in something they'll hate.

I'd also like to put in an evergreen shrub towards the back of the yard near where their fence is, but it cannot get any wider than 10ish feet. I thought of looking into to a Ceanothus of some sort.

Interspersed with everything else I'm thinking of lavender, rosemary, succulents, thyme, and alliums. The color palette that I'm trying to stick with is blues, purples, and whites as far as anything that flowers.

I've included a couple photos of the site as it sits. I intend to remove part of the lawn closest to the junipers. Maybe put in a rain garden of some sort - though I'm not sure if rain-garden type plants can handle not getting watered regularly? We're trying to go with a mid-century feel but nothing too tropical. Also, please ignore the pumpkins/squash growing. They're just there because I didn't want to buy mulch for weed suppression before I finished the area.

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Do you get a lot of rain where you at in Washington, as looks like it might flow to the house, I think you could use a focal tree that gets 10-15 foot high right near the street in the middle of the front bed. I would underplant with annuals or parinneals that do well in the area, another idea would be to frame the grass with brick pavers as that seems to be missing, I also think a picket privacy fence just off the street goes really well with the house but am unsure of regulation.

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laurell(8 - Washington)

Thanks for your input. A picket fence definitely is not our style and would not blend well with the neighborhood.

We will be putting a few skinny trees in at the uphill corner of the lot towards the street. They will be set back several feet so the line of sight isn't destroyed for our neighbors backing out of their driveway. Underplanted will be various drought-tolerant perennials. I'm not a huge fan of annuals.

I'm not sure why I need to "frame the grass" with bricks? At some point we may put in a mowing strip of natural stones, but that is not a priority at this point.

I'm considering putting in a dry stream bed leading to something of a rain garden to help deal with some of the water issues that we are currently experiencing and that I expect to compound with removal of the junipers.

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