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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)December 11, 2009

Hello everyone. Not sure how many will remember me, it's been a little while since I've been very active here. Those who do know that in May I had a spinal fusion surgery. Three weeks after that, my hip fractured. After healing from that, it was determined that the screws and plates would have to be removed because they were abrading the large muscles on each side of my spine. This was done at the end of October.

Things should have improve since that time, but have not. I am still unable to bend and walk with a severe limp, often needing a cane. The muscles that were abraded, well, they removed some scar tissues from them when they removed the hardware, but something is still not right. All of the muscles from about the middle of my back going down over my glutes and into the backs of my thighs, and spreading outward from my spine to the sides to the sides of my hip bones are all still severely knotted. Movement, sitting, standing or even lying down for very long are still extremely uncomfortable.

My fusion was a success and filled in, strengthened and healed well, as did the incisions from both first and second surgeries. So everything should have been great.

As it stands, I began Physical Therapy for the second time yesterday. The muscles are so knotted and the tendons so taunt that they cannot even begin the massage therapy. It would cause too much pain.

I am having a dye contrast MRI this evening to look for further disk problems and to determine how much more scar tissue has built and if that is causing the issues.

I am waiting for the appointment to have an EMG done. This is a test to determine nerve damage. I'm dreading it.. it's VERY uncomfortable.

I have started having a lot of trouble with my hands- losing sensation, at times losing control and dropping things. They are working on figuring out what is causing this.

My last appointment with my surgeon was a week ago yesterday. He told me then that surgically, there is nothing else to be done for me. He also told us that what ever increased mobility I gain from the physical therapy....well... that's pretty much going to be it. I still have a lot of pain in my legs, and at this point they feel the nerve damage in my legs is permanent. The physical therapist said yesterday that they are going to work with me to try to regain some mobility... but given how severe it is, that is going to take a lot of time, perhaps years before I'm able to bend or anything like that to any real degree. Because it's not only loosening the muscles, but allowing the tendons to heal, then rebuilding strength in them.

I want to thank Linda, Melissa and Dan for the cards. They have been such a bright spot through all of this. I'm slowly getting Christmas cards filled out and in the mail. So several should be receiving those in the next few weeks. I just wanted everyone to know why I've not been around. I can't sit to do anything for long, so it's taken me most of the day to write this using word.

Love and miss everyone and hope you will keep me in your prayers.


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beverlysc(8a SC)

Kathy...sure hope things get better for you. I know it must be painful and so hard at times. Hang in there. Sometimes I wonder about Dr's and just how much they know and how much they think they know. I'll be going in for my third foot surgery in January. No fun at all especially when I work in landscaping and my world relvolves around family adventures and plants. Wish you the best outcome of all. Will keep you in our prayers.
Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.
Take care. Bev.

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Oh Kathy, I'm so sorry to hear all you've gone through! I'm sure hoping that you get some relief from the pain and more mobility. Keep up with the physical therapy and keep moving best you can. I know it has to be so hard to even want to do anything. You know all your GW friends will be praying for you.

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

OH Kathy,

From one spiney to another, I can sure understand the frustration, pain and limitations you are having since the surgery.

It sounds like you really need to get another opinion from another spine surgeon.
Your present one has obviously given up on you. His view is something like, I did my job, you healed from that, the surgery was a success and it's not my fault that you have all these problems.

All of that may be true, but his answers aren't helping you out.

A fresh set of eyes on everything, including the new MRI that you are getting tonight, may very well show something, and an EMG, though it can be somewhat painful, can also provide some answers as well.

When a doctor "gives up" on a patient, it's time for the patient to take hold of the situation and find another doctor, get another opinion, even more than one and see what is going on.

In the mean time, don't give up. I've seen too many spine patients that where told the same kind of thing by the spine surgeons, went on to find a new one and did get help, the help that they needed.

You're in my prayers and e-mail me through GW anytime. We can comiserate together about our spines, rotten spines that they are.


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Hey Kathy!
have you tried to get a massage? my mom has to go and get these massages at a salon when she comes in off the road, (she's a truck driver) she gets all twisted and knotted, she comes out feeling great! ohhh and the rock therapy! that is totally wonderful! you have to get it with the massage! it really loosens things up enough. hope that can help you somehow! many hugs! ~medo

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mikey-gardener(6a,6b, kcmo)

Hey there Kathy,
We don't know each other but that doesn't stop me from feeling the pain and the discomfort your feeling. The lost of mobility and the lost of joy of working with the flowers and plants, hits me very hard, Especially the feeling I get from reading what you and others has wrote here. How you must enjoy the, what I call "dirt therapy" What I have found is when the doctors say "I have done all I can do" time to let go and let the GREAT physician take over. With all the folks here at GW, I know it will happen, if you will only trust in him. It is so very true, sometimes the doctors THINK they know it all, then something come along and proven them wrong. And I agree with remy and beverlysc, keep what you doing physical, work on the mental and spiritual to keep a positive attitude. With all the friends and the prayers you WILL be an overcomer. Excuse me cause I am a newbie here and sometime write on how I feel at the moment.. Mike

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

I'm with Fran. You need to get another opinon.
Best wishes for returned health.


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Kath,you're always in my prayers!!Love Ya and I hope that you will overcome this hurdle soon.And Happy Holidays too!!Wend

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