Neatherlands free seeds for your seed site here

mastergarder2003(5 MI.)December 13, 2011

Hello I just did a swap with this site you have to click on English and email here after you look at her list and type what you have to trade her with what you want from her list,if I can figure it out you can. ha. It was fun and she has cute pic. of each pak. I shared some things I thought she would like to share with other gardeners. Please dont email me, but here is her email.


Enjoy Happy to pass a good swap along to others.

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Bon i am not getting anything when i go to that site


any other clues to find it? Ric

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

look here!

Here is a link that might be useful: seeds

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mastergarder2003(5 MI.)

Ric sorry I sent you a email of the site and Thank you Aqua, for putting a site here on your page to go directly to the site. I just finished another swap today of 40 pak of my seed for 40 paks of her seed all free you pay your own shipping. cost me 6.00 to mail but I gave her lots of stuffed env. to share. Here seed paks are smaller but nice picture on them love her varietys. enjoy everyone.Bon. Tell here Bonnie sent you.

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mastergarder2003(5 MI.)

Ric thank you for letting me know you had a trade with them too, only 25 cents a pk. but I like free and trading pak for pak like on the Gw web here. I have traded with the site Aqua put above it says SEEDS. 3 times now.
The paks are in another lang. but you can google the flower. I stick with Gw for most all of my seed trading. Glad to share the other nice site.Hope others are able to enjoy I like to learn of free exchanges to help others.Bon

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I too, have swapped seeds with Garden Gnome (Tuinkabouter)--she has an outrageous list of goodies and I've had excellent germination rates with her seeds. I highly recommend anyone with a serious interest in seeds to check out her site.

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mastergarder2003(5 MI.)

Thank you Seedmoney I love there site too. I can't wait to see if the Tree Peony seed I got germinate's in the spring. I only got 2 lg seeds but what a find a yellow tree peony. She will swap pak for pak. If you have somethings she don't have already. Just give them a list of what you have that is not on there list, she has. Bon.

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