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dolivoMay 9, 2012

Hi, I seem to be having trouble getting my plants to grow this year. I grew some nice broccoli seedlings and planted them in my garden about 10 days ago. Since then, they haven't seemed to grow at ALL. It's been nice spring weather, I have watered them, and fertilized them with fish emulsions. Am I being too worrisome and impatient? Do they take this long to take off growing after transplanting? THanks!

I also had BAD luck with my tomato and bell pepper seedlings this year. I started them in the same soil/compost blend as I started my zucchini, squash, and pumpkins, and they grew great. But the tomatos and peppers sprouted then seemed to just stop growing. They just hung there with the two "leaves" for the LONGEST time, I'm talking weeks, then finally started getting their first true leaves. But they are still very small and pathetic looking and hardly growing.

I have fertilized them with fish emulsions and since it's been a sunny and warm spring here, they have been outside in the sun most of their "lives" so it's not a matter of not enough light or warmth. Any thoughts? Maybe I got bad seed? except the tomatos were several different varieties, so what's the chance of that?

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Your broccoli should pick up. It always takes mine a couple weeks for noticeable growth after you put them in the ground. Last year, I had the most pathetic peppers, they were so small that I never transplanted them into bigger pots. This year, I transplanted them early, even though they were tiny, into 4" pots and now I have beautiful seedlings. Maybe you need to transplant your seedlings?

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