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jaynineDecember 15, 2008

this question may have been answered already, but--would you tell someone if the seed they're sending isn't what they think it is, or would you let it go? how would you go about telling them? help!

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That happened to me once, I was glad that kathy told me, so I didnt keep misrepresenting the seeds. If you do it in a matter of fact way and not an accusatory way, its kewl.

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token28001(zone7b NC)

Yes. I had someone sending me brugmansia seed, but it was datura. The same datura I have. It's no big deal, just include a link to what it really is.

The seed site may help.

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Sure. I would want to know. Someone sent me seeds in a trade marked "Yojiro" Morning Glory and they turned out to be Milky Way. I would tell them if I remember who it was... but that trade was so long ago. If it were me I'd like to know

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what if it was really all just chaff?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

what if it was really all just chaff?

I would want to know. I would as delicately as possible tell them so, and if possible send them links to what they should look like, or where collecting that seed has been discussed.

Collecting a variety of seeds is something we have all learned or continue to learn. In the past I both sent out and received in butterfly bush seeds that weren't actual seeds or pods split open containing seeds. I know earlier this fall I read where members had fresh butterfly bush seeds, and questioned as to whether or not they had turned brown and split open while still on the bush. It was entirely too early to be harvesting butterfly bush seeds in any zone. I'm still waiting for the seed pods to burst open on one bush, though 3 other bushes did it a month or more ago.

Sue...still learning too

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token28001(zone7b NC)

Yes. I was new to collecting seeds once too. We all were. And as Sue said, butterfly bush is the worst. Mock Orange isn't much better. Then you've got the coneflowers. And the coreopsis. These two, especially late in the season, don't get pollinated in my yard so all you get is chaff.

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alwaysagarden(CA 9b)

Most of the seeds I've traded with have been seeds that I got through SASBE or BEAPs' as Sue would call them. 3 months here on GW so still newbie.
By Fall 2009 I should know what many seeds look like in their fresh state by then as I do my harvesting. I have quite a stash prepared for planting. Janine I sure hope it isn't me, but if it is please let me know.


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rosepedal(Four seasons zone4/5)

Oh I hope it wasnt me....I sent you some seeds not to long ago. If it was me please let me know......Barb

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

Janine,I agree with everyone else.I would want to know right away so I wouldn't make the mistake again. I was so happy when debbiep pointed out that a seed I was offering didnt had received some "Burgundy Mexican Sunflower" seeds from my Grammas neighbor,I was so new to many seeds,I had no clue these did not exist and that they were indeed just a burgundy sunflower,(which is beautiful).She saved me so much embarrassment and I was able to correct the post before any went out mislabeled! Whew! I was very grateful to her for this. She was very kind and still traded me for the seeds. So the way I see it,is you would be doing this person a service by letting them know! :)

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appaloosa909(6b Central NJ)

I did a trade with someone who sent the "pod" in a white envelope, I NEVER open the seed envelopes but this one smelled... green...I opened it and found very green unripe pods. I emailed her and she fixed it but sometimes you just don't know until someone more experienced says something.

I would want to know if I made a mistake. I would want that person to be kind about the goof and let me fix the mistake.

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you're right, i will let them know. (i would want to know too) i just don't want to make anyone feel bad.

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rb55(6 Indianapolis)

people make mistakes. it is what you do about them that counts. tell them you were wrong, at least you will feel better about yourself and if the other party does not understand then that's their loss.

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i would want to know, and i'm still new at how to collect seeds!! i'm still new at growing!! LOL **big grinn** now i can trade seeds like you wouldn't believe, and my son tabor is showing me how to collect them, **big grinn** considering i'm supposed to show him!! LOL (he's 12 almost 13) so i'd definately want to know, and i'd definately make it right!! the best i could, knowing me, i'd probably send something extra just because i messed up and i'd be ohhh so happy cuz someone told me that it was chaff and not the other. when i'm not sure, i sent a whole pod, i know it was done, but i didn't know how to get the seed, i told dan, ummmm.....i sent you the whole pod!! he just laughed at me!! so rookie of me!! LOL ~Medo

Here is a link that might be useful: Barehanded Totally Nutso Gardener!! **Big Grinn**

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