Cabbage Problems

pluto1415(6b (NEO))May 22, 2012

This is my first year growing cabbages and brussel sprouts and I did it from seed. I've got 2 brussel sprouts, 2 chinese cabbages and 2 red cabbages all near each other. The green/chinese cabbage is getting holes all over it. I looked at both plants as well as I can (without ripping them up to see the bottom of the bottom leaves) and I don't see any worms.

This morning, there were little balls of darker green stuff on the leaves near the holes (I assume poo of the worm).

Do you think this is worm damage and what can I use other than "sevin"?

See the dark green dots? They look like the tight buds on broccoli...

Another Pic:

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Cabbage worm damage. they hide very well. no doubt about it, cabbage worms. yes sevin dust or spray would control them, as well as organic BT powder/liquid

How do you integrate pics to your posts? Is it through a file sharing site?

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pluto1415(6b (NEO))

What about garlic/red-pepper spray? I made some last year and it took care of the aphids I had very well. I'm on a super limited budget (hence the growing from seed) and I'd like to not have to go purchase something.

The pictures are all uploaded at Photobucket. On the album page where it shows the thumbnails of the pictures, I just copied and pasted what it says in the HTML box.

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I'm not sure how limited your budget is but the dipel dust BT powder only cost me a few dollars at the garden center and it's lasted me several years and I still have more than half the bag left. The liquid BT can be more expensive for a lesser quantity. I don't think the garlic/red pepper spray will kill the cabbage worms. If you look really closely, you will see tiny green worms and pick them off, but they are really hard to find b/c they are the same color as the leaves.

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