Re-Landcaping front area need help please

blessedfamily(5)August 24, 2010

Anyone want to help me re-landscape this area? I will be removing everything except the maple tree on the corner..thinking maybe a tall evergreen tree where the grass is on the corner? Any and all help will be greatly greatly appreciated as I have no clue what I am doing..thanks in advance

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karinl(BC Z8)

I think some relevant comments were made the last time you posted, and I'm including the link to spare people repeating themselves.


Here is a link that might be useful: Previous thread with suggestions

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Blessed- What type of garden do you like? Do you like roses, perennials, blooming shrubs, edibles (like blueberries), annuals? Lots of color or just a few colors? Interest mostly in spring summer, or also fall, winter?

Also, how much time do you want to spend on your garden? Do you mind weeding/watering? Do you need to keep water costs low? Do you like planting annuals each year, or prefer perennials (like coneflowers) that come back on their own?

Once we know something about what you like, how much work you plan to do, when you want things blooming, etc. I think you'll get better responses.

I think some nics shrubs, like lilacs, butterfly bushes, blueberries, etc. would make a great backdrop to your garden and they're not a lot of work. Maybe add some old fashioned shrub roses for pretty blooms in June. A few perennials (like coneflowers and peonies) would be nice. Leave a little room for some annual color (I love cosmos and petunias) and maybe some spring bulbs in the front. Hyacinths and tulips are nice together...and lots of alyssum that can reseed throughout the front of the beds (helps keep the weeds down). That would be my choice for a colorful spring/summer garden.

Here's a picture of my garden, to give you an idea. The side against the house is shady, but the roses and petunias are in the sunny area. The shrubs are there, to keep the deer away from the roses :)

For interest year round, (and probably less work) use some nice evergreens and mix in some easy shrubs, like pontilia, barberry (this has thorns, so with children, maybe another choice), low growing junipers, maybe some hollies would all look nice. Again, if blueberries grow well for you (I like Chippewas) it might be fun to add a few. They look nice in spring, summer and fall. This would be a nice garden, too, so it really depends on what you like :)

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I am more of a perennial interest are anything that looks unique(weird shaped trees or shrubs) I am wanting less to take care of in that area so maybe adding a tall growing evergreen tree on the left corner where I have the ornamental grass? I am not big on shrubs but I might be able to fall in love with one if it had beautiful color or winter interest....I don't mind watering as we are on well so that's no biggie..I am just lost on what to put and where to put it..your garden is beautiful..I love it

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how do i post a picture? I basically landscaped your house w/ photoshop and would like to post it for you.

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I'm not really sure how to go about posting from photoshop..but I am interested in what you came up with for sure..let me know if you figure it out thanks!

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I sent you an email, but got no response. Did you get it? If budget is your obstacle here let me know. Thanks.


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Sorry Bob I did get your email and price is an do great work keep it up thanks Amber

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