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w9yardsDecember 10, 2008

I must admit I have never saved seeds in my life! After joining this forum I thought I would look in my yard to see what I could find so I could actually do trades. My first plant attempt was japanese eggplant I read to let it ripen on the vine longer than usual, so I left one on the plant for seeds. Of course a gopher ate the plant before the eggplant was ready. Then I thought I would save some pepper seeds. I read up on it and saw they needed to be bagged for best results since I had so many types. I couldn't save the pumpkin seeds because everyone wanted to eat them! Then I read up on pink crape myrtle and checked my trees. Success! The seed pods are just now opening up so I have a tupperware full! I also harvested seeds from my garlic chive! Moving on I checked the purple stattice but didn't see any seeds, only flowers. It is dark now so today's adventure is over. I am sure my husband will laugh when he sees my day's harvest, but I had a great time and learned something new. Thank you for all the seeds I have received for SASBE from generous members. Next year I should have an easier time finding seeds in my yard!

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token28001(zone7b NC)

The Seed Site

For when you want to know what you're looking for. Not everything is there, but it's easier than a google search. Plus, you can learn the scientific names of the plants that may have several common names.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Well before you even know it you will be a seed snatcher wherever you go.

Hmmm...I just noticed you don't have a wish list posted on your member page. That is very important if you are responding to any seeds for postage offers. Often the offering member checks the member Trade page for a list of wanted seeds to see if there are any additional goodies they might send from their 'stash'.

There is also the Seed Saving Forum here at GW linked below for any questions you might have. The search function is on the fritz there though.


Here is a link that might be useful: Seed Saving Forum

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Ill share what I learned this year about seed saving. When they tell you to put the seed pod in a bag and let the seeds fall out, DONT be tempted to crush the seed pods in an attempt to get everysingle last seed out. I did that last year and was REALLY frustrated trying to get all the extra chaffy stuff out. it was TORTURE.

You gotta trust that the seeds are going to fall out and if you're tempted to crush the pods, so so AWAY from the container full of seeds that fell out on their own.

Yeah, I had a rough time last year.

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