I'm so sick of rude, inconsiderate people

karyn1(7a)December 18, 2009

Some people just don't have any tact. I try to be helpful if possible but don't jump in just to be heard and most people do seem appreciative. I responded to a question about a nursery saying that I'd never shopped there personally but their feedback on "the site that can no longer be mentioned" is excellent. All they had to do was look up the site. If they've been gardening and buying online for any length of time they'd likely know who I was talking about and if they didn't they could always ask. Instead they left a snarky comment. Didn't their mother ever tell them "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all"? I hope all their plants die! lol

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i'm always telling my kids the same thing.
your person musta been a young person because i tell you, so many young people are just rude. Ummmm let me rephrase that, some of them are. it seems that these days moms/dad's seem to forget to teach them that very thing, either that or they think because they are on the computer they can forget all manners. **sigh** which is very sad. little stinkers. **grin** ~medo
ya know, it will bite them in the buns one day!! Hee Hee

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

*I hope all their plants die*....ROTFLMAO....I know just what you mean.

My mother would have jerked a knot in my tail if I acted the way some people do now days. When I was in school...lo many years ago when dinosuar roamed the earth*G*....they taught ettique(but apparently I slept thur spelling class)in Home Ec.I think they're barely teaching the 3 R's now a days.

I'm also mifted that parents and teachers are failing to teach the art of a "Thank You" note. I can't tell you how much I have donated to the schools (classes doing gardening projects AND hundreds of dollars in plant material for the school grounds)and NEVER receive a writen Thank You/acknowledgement of any sort.

Sorry,didn't mean to go OT.


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I didnt know Voldemort started a garden website.....


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I agree with you. There are so many rude people in the world today and I must say my tolerance level for them is not what it use to be. I fear sometimes that I have become one of them.
I remember the seed offers I had in the past. I received many thank you notes and cards. I always enjoyed reading them.
He's had a website for a long time now. That's where Snape gets his plants to make his potions.

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AH Finally!!! A mandrake source!

Thats been on my want list for a while.

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I had a nice surprise from a school that I donated some plants and seeds to. One of the teachers had each child in her class write me a thank you note. These were 3rd graders and some of the letters were so cute. I still have them. I've also had people never say anything. That doesn't really bother me but what does get to me are the people who act like they are doing me a favor by allowing me to give them seeds and/or plants! lol I think that common courtesy in general has declined over the years.

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

I have only been trading a few months, but already I know what you mean about rude people. I just recently got an e-mail from someone in response to my 'want' post. They offered things I did not list as a want (including good ol' marigolds, lol!). Then they stated the things they were intrested in on my list and then said 'if you don't see anything on my list that you want plmk and I will send an envelope for yours'. No where in my post did I offer seeds for free.

Now, I don't mind giving away seeds once and awhile. I have given away a few BEAPs, and really enjoy sneaking in 'bonus' items, but you just don't ask for something for nothing! I guess it just rubs me the wrong way...maybe I am over reacting.

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no it don't rub you the wrong way, people just assume you will, its some people's nature to "take". its downright rude. one of our GW'ers had a person who was working on her house come over and just take from her garden, and she has a lovely garden, they didn't ask, people are just rude, they think the world owes them something. i am so happy when i see someone who is fresh and not like that! i know i am getting old! and i'm not even 40 yet. SORRY FOR THE OT :'( sometimes i will get a newbie who is so happy to get the seeds i send him/her they will send a note or leave a great rate, but when we are emailing back and forth you can kinda get the feeling who you can give "tons" of seeds to and they will really appreciate them! ~medo

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