What's up with my lettuce?

LintuMay 7, 2012

I planted lettuce as seedlings a couple weeks ago. Our temps have mostly been in the 50s and 60s and quite rainy. The lettuce is planted in an elevated raised bed that has window screening and hardware cloth as a base, so it drains very well. My lettuce seems to have hardly grown since I planted it, and some leaves are going yellow. Anyone have any help to offer?

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Cold, cloudy, rainy -- even lettuce needs sun and warmth to grow. And they are growing their roots first before the leaves. In another week or so, the leaves will take off.

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I'm in MA and we've had the same weather. I also planted my lettuce seedlings a couple weeks ago. I was just wondering myself when they're going to take off. I guess they'll enjoy the sun today, then another glooming, rainy stretch :(

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I am sick of the overcast!

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I would love some overcast and rain. Its early May and my grass is already starting to get crunchy. (Very unusual until mid-July for Charlotte, NC)

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Lintu - count your blessings. At least you still have lettuces! Every one of my 3 dozen transplants was eaten by snails. Not a sign of them remaining. We have had so much rain the gastropod population has exploded.

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Oh no! Well, that is certainly worse.

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I think our lettuce is under attack by slugs. I'm in MA and enduring the overcast rainy week. We deserve a string of nice sunny days soon!

I noticed holes in my lettuce this morning so put out a few "beer cups" for the slugs to enjoy. I hope they find them! And I hope I did them right! First time for everything... :o)

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My lettuce was ravaged last spring by slugs here in MA. I think it rained all of April and May last year. I found success with sluggo. It's considered organic. I found it easier than trying to clean out slug traps and refill during rainy times.

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Thanks michelelc for the sluggo suggestion, I'll get some.
The slugs are going for the beer cups for now, but with the rain predicted this week and next, I can use another method for sure!

For some reason the slugs go for the butterhead variety I've planted and haven't touched my romaine. I'm not complaining though, if they leave one alone I'll be happy.

Today my problem was squirrels in the green bean bed, going after seedlings. I love gardening to bits, but sometimes it's discouraging! I sprinkled chili powder heavily all over that bed, so maybe it would have been a lot worse if I hadn't...who knows?

We're ready for some sun!

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