Help me with ideas to screen neighboring yard?

natureboy8888August 13, 2011

Here's the situation:

My backyard borders to an industrial property and I would like to screen the view. To cover the view completely, I would need something about 12 feet high and about 25 feet wide.

I've got my city's maximum 6 foot tall fence. The problem is that this area is under a very large tree and I'm not aware of a living hedge that tolerates absolute full shade. I've got a small yard, so I don't want to divide up my backyard but would prefer a screen near the fence.

Any ideas? I'm open to any plants, structures, etc.

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pinusresinosa(MN Z4)

Hemlocks can tolerate full shade and can be pruned to form a nice hedge. Consider cultivars. Monler may not get tall enough for the screen you want (tops out around ten feet) but has good screening foliage. Pendula gets a little larger.

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Ever consider something closer to the house that is structural? a pergola or gazebo (overhead interest) would draw your attention away from the fence area and create a focal point. I find if you can create an area of interest that doesn't try to hide anything but is spectacular on its own, your eye is distracted by the horizontal plane and you never look "over the fence" :)

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Though you gave a great description of the problem, is there any way you could post a picture from your house looking toward the area to disguise?

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