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geri-lynAugust 15, 2010

Ok..I'm here in Ct. Single mom TRYINg to make a backyard for my little girl. I had a BIG slopped hill with two big trees in it. Cut the trees down-got a company ( ithought who was good) to build a retaining wall and level off the bottom half of the yard to put swing set, shed etc...after the wall the put a bank. Went away on vacation and came back to a nightmare. the rain run-off destroyed the steps)made from railroad ties. The wall 5 feet high 40 feet long -this company put ends on it and went out two blocks maybe three and the rain goes right off the ends of the wall down the steps and the other side tearing up the bank...I can send pics if need. i am sitting here crying. Did email the company (not sure what they are going to do to help) But i need suggestion and love this what to tell them to how to fix this MESS.????

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Yes, do post photos. People will be able to give much better advice when they can see exactly what the situation is.

Hopefully this is mostly just bad timing from a heavy rainstorm.

Since it sounds like there's a slope that will need to be stabilized with some landscaping that will keep the soil from washing out in future storms, please also tell us:

= your USDA zone (or your location in Connecticut); you can input your zip code here and find out your zone:

= which direction the back of the house faces.

= how much sun/shade the slope gets (if it's not obvious from the photos).

= approximately how much rain there was (if you have any idea).

= what's above your property (if it's not obvious from the photos).

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