fencing part of a large front yard?

drnewman6August 4, 2011

Has anyone ever fenced a large front yard, basically cutting it into? Our front yard is about 3/4 of an acre, it is fairly level. I have been planting hedges out near the road (200 feet from the house) and a few trees out that way, plus some Forsythia and lilacs between us and the neighbor to the East but the yard lacks any privacy, it is so far back from the road that when we are on our front porch, we are looking at our neighbors in their backyard.

I was thinking of a wooden fence just from the driveway (which is near our house to the east) maybe out 50 feet and across to the property line to the west, which has large hedges between us and the next property.

Our house is a large old farmhouse, white with a dark green metal roof and green shutters. I thought a white wooden fence with a large gate or open area in the center out front, as well as an open area (maybe an archway?) near the parking area of the driveway to the eats might look ok..... Would it probably look funny to make a private small yard within a large open yard?

I guess I'm thinking that I could make a smaller, private, manageable front yard with flowers and shrubs and just have some large shade trees in the area not fenced in.

Would appreciate any thoughts or ideas!

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

This is seen all the time here on the west coast, and wouldn't seem abnormal in the least. It sounds like your idea is a good solution to your privacy problem and while it set your garden apart from the norm in Arkansas, it's your garden to live in.

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