Need help designing a flower bed

goldenbuckeye(5/6 OH)August 22, 2010

I have a bed I've taken everything out of because it looked so bad and I need help to redesign it. It measures 40 inches by 11 feet. The back 10 to 12 inches gets very little natural water from rain so that won't get planted. I plan to use landscaping cloth and rubber mulch to help with moisture and weeds.

I'd like something very pleasing year round to the eye because we and everyone else that comes to the door sees this.

I'm good at growing plants but not good with designing the beds. If I could I'd hire a professonal but I can't so hoping someone here can help.

Thanks in advance.


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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

It's difficult to make suggestions for your bed without knowing more about the location and what you might like or dislike.

It sounds like the bed is against the house, adjacent to the main door. (What's planted on the other side of the door?) If you can't post a photo, it would help to know what the bed is bordered by on the right and left (porch stairs, big corner evergreen, garage), and if there are any height preferences or restrictions (low windows, for instance). Is there an ugly foundation that should be covered?

What direction does the bed face, and how much sun does it get?

If you want something that looks good all year, you're talking about at least a few evergreens. But 40" less a foot isn't much depth, particularly if shrubs are involved. (How do you feel about pruning?) Is it possible to make the bed deeper, or is there a walkway or bed wall on the front side?

Is color a consideration? What colors do you like? What colors do you dislike (or would clash with the house)?

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goldenbuckeye(5/6 OH)

Sorry I didn't give more detail. The house is a white ranch, the foundation doesn't need hiding, the bed ends at the heat pump and there's a porch beyond the heat pump. There's a sidewalk in front of the bed. It faces west and gets sun from noon on. On the other side of the sidewalk is a bed of sempervivums.

DH doesn't want bushes or shrubs near the foundation because he's seen the roots cause problems with foundations in the past.

I love any color flower but I'm parcial to low to medium growing plants because taller ones often fall over. I don't like invasive plants.

When you come up the driveway you're in front of the garage and on the left is the house. On the end (north side) of the house I have hostas and astilbes. You go to the right around the corner and you see this bed on the left going to the back door which most people use.

If I haven't given enough information please ask more questions.

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