Looking for plants/shrub ideas

JankosAugust 29, 2012

Im creating a large bed out in my backyard. I planted 3 Norway Spruce and 1 Red Maple to start.Im in Michigan, zone 5B, the area receives around 8 hrs of sunlight/day. Looking for suggestions on some flowering hardy shrubs and also groundcover to fill in the empy areas as soon as I remove the grass. Thanks

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You should post a picture that conveys the setting. It'd be hard to recommend a plant while having zero information about the layout.

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At the risk of sounding snarky (sorry!), recommendations for plant selections to fill a non-specific situation are really not landscape design issues :-) For any given situation there are typically a dozen different plants that would work, sometimes more. Often a visit to a local garden center/retail nursery will offer a lot of possibilities and those most suited to your area as well. I'd also try asking for suggestions in your local regional forum or on the Shrubs forum.

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It could be that the area is not as "non-specific" as it has been portrayed. We should see if the OP adds some context. Still, it may fall under the heading of 'garden design,' a category of the forum.

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Sorry to disagree, but plant selection is a very minor aspect of garden design, probably the least critical design element of any landscape. And one that is addressed, often in great detail, by any number of other forums.

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gardengal48, not sure who you're disagreeing with. As the only participant other than the OP I'm not making a case for plant selection being, or NOT being, a certain portion of landscape design. I'm only suggesting that the OP may have not yet fully articulated their case and that we may not yet know the totality of this thread's subject or issues. I'm subtly suggesting that the OP might want to add more information. Certainly, the form, character and layout of the plants to be chosen is a design issue. Does the OP wants to go there? We'll see.

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