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queensinfoNovember 23, 2011

I just moved to a new house and want to prepare for planting in the spring. I have 3 or 4-12 inch pots and 2-18 inch pots. I know that I want to grow raspberries and blackberries for sure (thornless). These pots will be behind my house on concrete (the back of my house faces south and is unshaded). I have an unheated garage that i can move the plants into for the winter.

What are the best varieties? Should i plant the berries in the 18 inch pots? how many plants per pot?

My thinking was 2 or 3 arapahoe blackberries in the 18 inch pot, a raspberry plant in a 12 inch pot - preferably a long fruiting variety (or two plants in each pot) and maybe a strawberry plant in a 12 inch pot as well.

I also intend to grow a fruit tree or two and need to figure that out. I am leaning towards plums and peaches also in containers, is the 18 inch big enough.

Do the combination grafted trees really produce (i have seen a combination plum, peach, nectarine tree). Also, how would citrus do in NYC - thinking clementines. (I don't mind buying additional pots, what size pots would work best?).

I plan to read the soil mix discussions but the amount of information is extremely overwhelming and a little confusing.

Sorry for all the questions but isn't that what this forum is about? I think that is all for now.

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I cant tell you the exact variety but I can help you. Pick a hybrid that is bushy, they will produce and be easy to keep in a pot. They need extremely well draining medium and low ph. those size pots are just fine. It starts with the soil/media so try to find Al's 5-1-1 post, its 5 parts pine bark 1/16"-1/2", one part peat, one part perlite but dont use lime because you want the acidity, use epsom salts and gypsum to provide Ca/Mg if you are using Miracle gro which lacks those 2 things.

You can grow in peat based media for berries as well, like the bark the peat should not be ph ballanced. I don't suggest using potting soil. I would not try citrus in the climate of the north-east. Stick to berries they are more used to this climate and will thrive. Good Luck!

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