WANTED: Seeds with a story/history

ajm11(7)January 25, 2013

I am looking for seeds with a personal history. My goal is to create a garden full of stories, tales, and photos of horticultures past and publish them.

I am working on a photo publication in which I am growing out heirloom varieties that have been passed along with a story. I want to overlay the photos of the grow out with the stories of the seed. Anyone that has such seeds or old photos that I could archive would be of great help to my project. I am happy to assist with SASBE's or postage. In return you will receive a digital copy when I am finished.

As many of us thumb through seed catalogues this time of year, we find ourselves thinking of days gone by and seeds that have been saved

Since I was a young boy there was always one type of seed my grandmother and I would save every year. It was not from anything to special, just an ordinary Jack O Lantern pumpkin. While the seed could have been had for cheap at any feed store, it was something my "Mee Maw" and I did every year. Every spring I would pull our that mason jar and plant a few of the seeds. Some years we did better than others but what mattered was that constant connection to our past time together. It's stories like these that I would like to document and pass on to our future generations.

All plants will be grown on my farm in Muskogee, OK. Any seed I can save will be passed back to the original sender or forwarded in trades on GW.

I am planning to grow out any variety of seed I receive and create a photo diary full of how that seed came to be.

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Sounds like a great adventure. We all need to get back to the love of gardening and share those experiences with our family and friends. I save and share seeds and plants when ever I can but most of these is now in the past. I have read many of the histories of others here so you should get so great stories.

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This thread deserves another chance on page one so I am bumping it.

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terrene(5b MA)

Not sure if you're looking for flowers, but do a search on GW for "Yvonne's Salvia", this might be a good candidate for your project.

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This may seem like a silly question , but here goes.
Do you mean personal to the member themselves
or for example mortgage lifter tomato named for saving the farm? craw beans first found in the craw of a game bird being prepared?

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